Sunday, 30 October 2011

.Week Seven at The School of Make Up.

I honestly cannot believe i'm going into my 8th week at the school... halfway through the make up bit! Aaaaah scary stuff. This week we had a new tutor Jo, who is one of the lovliest people I have ever met, or been taught by. She taught us all week, and in that week we went through period make up, which was alot of fun as I love looking back in time at old pictures, so actually doing make up from different time periods was really good.


16th Century: Okay, think Queen Elizabeth I... Let's face it, they didn't look too chic back in that day... They used to put a lead mixture on their face and just leave it there for weeks, they used to bathe in urine (YES REALLY!) and they used blood from beetles to create their lipstick. Hmmm, give me MAC any day. So as you can guess, the look isn't that beautiful, as you have to make it look 'lived in' *shudder*. Where the F was Liz Earle in the 16th Century?!!

Nice wig too eh?!

Victorian 'no make up' look: In the Victorian times, make up wasn't generally worn, because it was seen as deceitful - I would have been labelled a witch or something! So this look was extremely basic and simple. I secretly like the no make up look, so it was quite nice to do. It also made me fall back in love with MAC Face and Body...

Jo also did period hair on some of us to pull the look together, which I thought was a really nice touch.


1920s: To be honest, I think I should have been alive in the 20's. Flapper dresses, sharp bobs and little blunt fringes were the flavour of the era, and none of that Victorian no make up guff, no siree! The ladies went all out for nights out and occasions - black as black round smokey eye and plum/aubergine lips.

Me as a 1920s girl, flapper cap and all!

Jemma's 1920's work.
I wasn't 100% happy with my 1920s, which is why there is a lack of photos of my work here. I did re-do the look on Friday so will post my picture there! We didn't do 1930s, as it is very similar to the 20s.

1940s: 40s make up is actually a lovely look. Quite a basic look, slight definition to the eyes, red/orange lips and a lovely matte base. Jo did the demo on Jemma and gave her a really cute 40s hairstyle to go with the look...

My 1940s look on Jemma.

1950s: The main bits about a 1950s make up was the 'ticked' eyeliner, orange toned lips with the cupids bow peaks placed wider apart and square angular brows. In the daytime, women wore neutral colours on their eyes but for evening, turquose and aquamarine shades were very popular.

1960s: I was the model for the 60s look which was a laugh to say the least! My hairstyle at the end made me a) look like I was in Heartbeat and b) look about 40. Here is a link to a video of me being made up by Jo... Link.

My 1960s work on Olivia.

1970s: Time to get the glitter out girls! Don't get me wrong, not every woman wore glitter in the 70s but we did a kind of disco look at school. My favourite 70s woman is by Farrah Fawcett - She was so beautiful. Jo did the demo on Emma, and ended up giving her abit of a Farrah hair do!

Jo's 70s demo on the lovely Emma.
My 70s look on Andrea.

1980s: Obviously not everyone in the 1980s was a punk, but that is the look we went for! I for one am not keen on it - Lots of colours that sometimes don't really go very well together. But I did it anyway and secretly ended up rather liking it.

Yes, they did wear their blusher like that... Questionable.


1990s: Oh the 90s. Fun filled times full of Tammy Girl, The Spice Girls, Yoyos, Tamagotchis and Furbys. Also full of matte, terracotta lips...

Practice afternoon: As I said earlier, I wasn't very happy with my 1920s look, so in the afternoon I practiced and (nearly) perfected it. I was really happy with the way it turned out, so my confidence was back. Emma also had a slight incident earlier in the week and ended up with a bit of a shiner, so I practiced covering that too. All in all, a successful end to a fabulous week!

Emma's shiner before.


So there's another week at SOM. I think we're doing special effects make up this coming week which I really cannot wait for! Hope you've had a lovely weekend. I'm watching TOWIE at the moment - WHAT IS MARIO PLAYING AT!? PIG!!!!

Kate x


  1. Looks like an amazing course so far. Cant wait to see more :) X

  2. Ah another great post! You did amazing at covering up the shiner! Wow x