Sunday, 16 October 2011

.Week Five at The School of Make Up.


We had Elaine today and she set us another challenge. She gave us a brief of establishing a character for film or television. Elaine had chosen a character for us each from either a film or a television program, and from the brief she gave us we had to create the character we thought they were. Her brief for me was a kooky young lady who worked within the media industry in the 1940s. She had a beauty mark on her cheek, a dark choppy bob and was strong and independant. Elaine wanted red lips and defined eyes. Can you guess who it was? I couldn't - note to self, must watch more films. It was Liza Minnelli in Cabaret.

Here is what I came up with on my partner Emma:

In the afternoon, we started measuring up for bald caps. This involved cling film, sellotape and a plastic head - random, but we were well on our way to becoming bald by the end of Monday!


Emma was all better this week, so we had her teaching us today. In the morning, we did stubble effects with different kind of make up. I felt pretty damn sexy with some designer stubble going on...

In the afternoon we started making our bald caps. Bald cap making is not plain sailing in the slightest, and it takes a time and patience to make and fit them. Creating the cap consisted of vaseline-ing the plastic head with the template on, painting on 8 layers of cap plastic and powdering each layer with talc after drying the plastic with a hair dryer. Once the layers were completed, the caps were left over night to set. In the morning, this was the finished creation.

Creepy looking bit of scalp!

Both Wednesday and Thursday consisted of fitting the bald caps. What a bloody laugh! I actually have the biggest, roundest head I have ever seen... I don't think bald is one of my best looks. Oh well it was all in the name of research! I will say no more and give you a good old laugh with some pictures from the two days...

Bald cap being fitted.

Emma's 'seductive' bald look.

My bald cap work.

Emma and Chelsey bald.

Stroking the bald head.

Me bald... No words.
Olive and I - seductive Olivia.

The four Thursday baldies.

The four Wednesday baldies.
On Thursday afternoon, Emma also demonstrated a port wine stain which we then practiced. Port wine stains are raised on the skin so we had to build up a 3D effect with 'liquid flesh' - Lovely. In other words, liquid latex. Once it was built up, we then shaded in it.


We had Sam today for a practice day, in which we could recap anything we had already learnt. I decided to perfect my eyeliner and lipliner. It was a nice chilled day and was good to go over things again and gain more confidence in the areas we thought we were struggling in.

I had a really fun week at the school this week, and we start airbrush make up tomorrow which I am really looking forward to! Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Kate x