Sunday, 25 September 2011

.In & Out.

Having a lazy evening and just realised it's very nearly the end of September. How time flies! So without further ado here are my September 'ins and outs'...


1. Learning: Never thought I would say that. Ever in my life! Even when I was at college doing beauty therapy, I remember waking up with that feeling of dread in the morning - and it's never nice. Now, even when my alarm goes off at 6.30am, I know i'm going to have a fun filled day with my new classmates, who are now my new friends. I am so happy at The School of Make Up.

Two of my SOM ladies, Chelsey and Olivia

2. Getting flowers: I came home from college one night, feeling pretty tired and a little bit crappy. Then my lovely boyfriend Tom came through the door with a bottle of wine, a massive bar of galaxy and a lovely bunch of flowers. Instantly cheered up! I have never had flowers bought for me before and it just made me feel all happy inside. Needless to say, the chocolate and wine were swiftly demolished.

3. Downton Abbey: Oh God how I do love a period drama! Well I thought I didn't, and then I saw the season two advert... Which made me cry. So I thought I have to watch season one, as it obviously had such an impact on me. What a saddo! But yes, I absolutely love Downton. It has the perfect balance between humour and history, and Maggie Smith is just hysterical in it. Even if you don't think you'll enjoy an 'old fashioned' drama, I suggest you give it a chance.

4. MAC Dollymix Blush: I purchased this off the Debenhams website when they had one of their 10% off offers on. As much as I love MAC products, I think £17 for a blush is totally insane. I'm sure when I started buying MAC they were about £13.50?! Sad, sad times. On a brighter note, Dollymix is such a lovely lovely bright barbie pink shade with a subtle shimmer to it. It looks massively bright in the pot, but it is quite sheer when applied which I really like. It has been my 'go to' blush this month.



1. Eating healthily: Let's face it. It's no fun! Bring on the fat! I used to try to eat healthily, but the more I deprived myself, the more I craved bad food! I do eat rather well throughout the week, then have a naughty little weekend. It's the only way! At the moment, my weakness is chocolate - Galaxy and Twirls to be precise!

2. Rude people: Bit of a random 'out', but since i've been getting the train every day to college I notice these things. So many people are extremely rude on the train. Whether it be to the conductor or another passenger. Manners cost nothing! I understand that some people want to get home after a hard days work, but don't take minor delays out on everyone else. Keep calm and carry on.

3. Tom working weekends: I'm very proud of Tom. He recently got a job at Citroen in car sales. But sales jobs tend to mean working on weekends. And he has been doing alot of that recently! On the plus side it gives me time to catch up on blogs, sorting out my make up scrapbook and reading through my notes of the week. But it does still make me sad!

4. Kitty on the X Factor: She has had maximum exposure, this weekend especially and it has just heightened my dislike for her! She's just one of 'those' kind of people. Who, because they can sing, think they are some kind of superhuman. It's okay for Lady Gaga... Not you Kitty. Plus £2000 for that outfit?! Was she drunk?!! It did light up though... I'll give her that.

5. House sale fall through: In my last 'in and out' post, I mentioned we had sold our house. Well, the buyer pulled out, which was hard on all of us, as we had put an offer in on a house we liked which had been accepted. Luckily they have now taken the house off the market until next year, so there's still hope! Also, i'm secretly quite glad we'll have another Christmas here, because my house is the most perfect place in the world at Christmas time :). Here are some pictures to get me all excited about December 25th...

My snowy boy in the snow
Getting Pixie in the Christmas spirit.

My house in the snow

Kate x

.Shellac Manicure.

Two blog posts in two days! I'm doing good :)
Today i'm going to write abit about Creative Nail Design (CND) Shellac. This isn't necessarily a new treatment, it has been out well over a year, but I think more people need to know about it, especially people like myself.

I used to be a false nail girl, through and through. I wore them constantly, because my nails never grew. It was a vicious circle. Of course my nails weren't growing, I was abusing them with all sorts of horrible products and chemicals sitting on top of my natural nail bed suffocating it and making it brittle, sore and paper thin. The 'eureka' moment came when I was on holiday in Egypt this January with my boyfriend Tom. My nails were barely nails anymore, and I couldnt wear my beloved falsies on holiday. I opted to painting them a nude colour and hoping the sun might make them grow abit. I made a vow to myself then, as I looked down and my poorly and sore nails to never wear gels or acrylics ever again. And I haven't. And I won't. And it's all thanks to Shellac.

I'm not going to go into the science bit behind Shellac, simply because I prefer to let you know exactly how the procedure works and how it lasts. If you would like to know more about the science bit, pop to my friend Sally's blog to read more about it! Shellac is applied in exactly the same way as a bog standard nail polish, (base coat, two colour coats and a top coat), however where it's different is it is cured under a UV lamp, after every coat which bonds the product to the nail - think the way you would have gel nails applied, without the damage and with a lovely colour that lasts. And when I say it lasts, I really mean it. I have had the same polish on my hands for two and a half weeks before. No chips, no tears and when it's removed, no damage to your natural nail. Don't believe me? Here is a picture of my nails after two and a half weeks, with my usual beloved colour 'wildfire', a gorgeous red shade.

No chips even after two and a half weeks - Just abit of regrowth.
I went yesterday to get my Wildfire removed and have another manicure. My lovely best friend Cassie owns a salon in the town I live in, and she does the most amazing Shellac - I'm not just saying that because i'm biased even though I am. But she is incredibly talented, especially when it comes to nails. I met her at college where we were both studying beauty therapy and was always amazed at how good she was at false nails, manicures and nail art. Her salon is gorgeous and is called Vanity. I will post all the information of her salon at the end of this post. If you live in my area, I strongly suggest you go. Amazing treatments at affordable prices.
I normally never stray from my beloved 'Wildfire' colour as I just love red nails. However, Shellac brings out seasonal colours and Cassie had just got in the most amazing matte grey shade called 'Asphalt'. I thought I would have a change, and as i'm always thinking, I asked her if she could do my ring fingers in gold glitter, so I could wear gold and silver without clashing with the grey. (Glitter nails are not included in Shellac, it's something Cassie has created herself).

CND Shellac Colour - Asphalt
Nice isn't it? So, I bit the bullet (how very dramatic), and off we went. Here is a step by step Shellac application...

1. Prep nails - File, cuticle care, buff.
2. Apply one coat of Shellac base coat. Cure under UV lamp for ten seconds.
3. Apply one colour coat of chosen Shellac shade. Cure under UV lamp for two minutes.
4. Re-apply colour shade and cure again for two minutes.
5. Apply one coat of Shellac top coat. Cure under UV lamp for two minutes.
6. Wipe off any sticky residue.
7. Apply nail oil and hand moisturiser.

Glitter: For the glitter, Cassie applied my base coat and one coat of colour. Before I put my hand in the UV lamp, she dipped my chose finger in a pot of gold glitter. Top coat was applied as usual.

Cuticle care

Cuticle care

Base coat

Colour coat

Curing the coats.


Applying the glitter.

Top coat.
Shellac is a relatively quick treatment. By an experienced therapist it can be done in under an hour - lunch break treat! Here are some pictures I took this morning of the finished article - I absolutely love this colour and i'm glad i've had a change. The glitter is also a lovely effect.

So there you have it. I will never ever go back to false nails, all thanks to Shellac. It is a fantastic treatment to help your natural nails grow and strengthen. Mine have never been as strong as they are now. Pricing vary from place to place, ranging from £15-£50. Cassie charges £18 for a manicure or a pedicure, which is fabulous value. Check out her website here.

Kate x

Saturday, 24 September 2011

.Week Two at The School of Make Up.

Another busy week at The School of Make Up over and done with! Here's a low down for you...


Majorly tired on Monday, due to me being a lazy sod and laying in until 2.30 in the afternoon on Sunday, then spending the rest of the day in bed watching my Downton Abbey boxset. That meant not getting to sleep in the evening until past 1am. Yawn. Anyway, on Monday we met another tutor of ours, Emma, who was teaching us the basics of bridal make up and the start of tattoo cover up. Bridal make up is a bit of a funny one, as it's normally a natural look... But would you really try to tell a bride who wants smokey eyes with lashings of mascara that she can't have that for the most important day of her life? No, didn't think so. At the end of the day you do what the bride will be happy with, not what you view as your idea of perfect bridal make up. I am looking forward to doing bridal make up, because I am a sucker for weddings! Tattoo cover up is interesting too, and not as easy as you'd think... Lots of pinky based concealers, skin based concealers and stippling product on!


Sam was back today, and we had a really fun day! In the morning she did two demos on two of the girls - One Avant Garde and one High Fashion look. Avant Garde is a look that is unnatainable and that really pushes the boundaries... something you'd never normally wear ever. If you've never seen or researched any Avant Garde looks, google Alex Box - The woman is an artist! High fashion are looks that filter down into mainstream and can be adapted for normal day to day/evening wear.

Sam's High Fashion demo - Very Chanel A/W 2011 based.

Sam's Avant Garde demo.

Once the demos were done, we broke for lunch then had a go ourselves! Mine was based on a look I had seen in an old Vogue - Pale white face with a black 'visor' across the eyes. I do think it looked better in my head but never mind! Practice makes perfect :)

Olivia with my Avant Garde practice on her lovely little face.

We also went through the different types of eyeliner and had a play with all of them... I'll tell you one thing for free - I need practice with liquid! Gel for the win! Also girls, Sam uses Bourjois liquid liner, she says it's her favourite to use on shoots etc. (Plus it's only £5.99).
Today was a really fun day. I felt majorly sick, just generally fluey, but MUAs don't have time to be sick! So straight in we went to smokey eyes - Yay! I personally couldn't wait to learn how to do this, simply because I wear them alot and wanted to know how to do them 'properly'. I was also nervous though, just in case I couldn't do the one thing I really really wanted to be good at! Thankfully I didn't find it too difficult - Obviously I need practice but out of alot of things I found it okay. We did two different styles of smokey eye, round and winged. We used really dark colour so we could see exactly where we were going wrong - here are the pictures of my work on my partner for the day, Andrea...
Rounded smokey eye closed.

Rounded smokey eye open.

Winged smokey eye open.

Winged smokey eye closed.
I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday, and can't wait to use it on myself when I go out in Manchester this weekend with my make up girls :)
We used a lot of new Chanel goodies that Elaine had picked up at the weekend on this day - I was never aware how amazing Pro Lumiere is - How DARE they discontinue it! I will be stocking up! I also used the new Illusion D'Ombre shadows - Oh my! These are gorgeous, especially the black. I am in love. Quite pricey at £22.50, but in my eyes, worth it. All in all, Wednesday was a busy busy day, and needless to say I slept like a baby that evening!
We had the wonderful Jon again today, teaching us the art of body paint! I'm not very artistic, so this just isn't my cup of tea, but I loved watching him work his magic on one of my classmates, Jemma. The School of Make Up has a Youtube channel and you should check out this video, which AJ speeded up from the 1 and a half hour demo Jon did for us! Check it out here. If you don't fancy watching it, here is what Jon created...

He's amazing, yes?! And then, as usual, it was our turn to put our imagination to the test! I worked with Emma, and decided to base my look on a night sky. I did really like my end look, even though this is not an avenue I want to go down. It's very good for people who like letting their imagination run wild and like to design things from scratch. There are no rules in body painting.
Body paint practice - Black Chanel Illusion D'Ombre on the lids - GORGEOUS!
After doing this, I have alot of respect for body painters... It is such a tedious task, and to think some people paint whole bodies is just insane! But I still did really enjoy it.
Once again, we had Jon today. YAY for that. I really respect him and love the way he teaches. He's incredibly patient and very giving with advice. Anyhow, today was a day where we were given a brief to work off, I was really excited about this. I wanted something that would use all the skills I had learnt so far and really sink my teeth into. I was working with Chelsey today and I went first. My brief was...
- Flawless base
- Nude skin
- Heavy brows
- Bare lids and lower liner 
I was beyond happy with this. I had been reading the latest Grazia on the train in the way into college and had come across a beauty caption named 'do my brows look big in this?', with pictures of models at the recent Fashion Weeks with super thick brows and not much else. I was thinking on the train how much I would love to do that, as I have loved that look every time it features on the runway time and time again.
Working to a brief.
Chelsey did a super cool look on me too. Jon wanted her to do a doll look. He actually did Lily Cole's make up for the Moschino perfume advert that she was very 'dolly' in...
Jon's work.
Here is Chelsey's interpretation of a dolly look -  I loved it!!
Doll face.

Doll look - working to a brief.
Anyways, another week gone! 22 more to go. Three words - Bring. It. On.
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
Kate x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

.Week One at The School of Make Up.

What a whirlwind of a week! Probably for the first time in my life I have been awake at 6am every morning for 5 consecutive working days. Don't get me wrong, I have had jobs before, but my shifts were a couple of early starts and for the rest of the week I didn't need to be in until the afternoon. Suprisingly, I have loved being up and catching the train every morning at 08.50 - Subject to Arriva Trains Wales running on time every day - so far so good! Not suprisingly, this weekend and every evening since, I have been totally and utterly shattered! I slept until 2.30 today, what a lazy so and so. But it's all in the name of make up, so I don't mind at all! Here is a rundown of my first week at The School of Make Up - The posts will get more exciting as I learn new things, and start taking photographs of my work, which will hopefully be this week...


I was sick with nerves when I woke up - the 'starting a new school/college' kind of nerves you get. I suppose they're good nerves, but still not nice! I got to the station bright and early and managed to get on the correct train - first challenge of the day completed! I arrived in Stockport at 10am, and started to walk to the college. By this point I was SO scared - totally unnecessary, as the minute I stepped in the door I felt so at home. I met the girls (7 of us at the moment, and another one starting tomorrow), who were all lovely and we went upstairs to meet Elaine, the principal of the school. Principal is such a harsh word, especially for her because she is the warmest friendliest woman I have ever met! Monday was more of a get to know each other day, and going through health and safety etc! We did get our brushes though - YAY! I left the school on Monday, so excited for the rest of the week, and I slept like a baby!


On Tuesday we met Sam Collins who is now a tutor at the school, but in actual fact she was a student at the school when she was 19! She has done amazingly, working with lots of fashion brands and travelling all over the world shooting campaigns, and she's not even thirty yet! Impressive. We started with the basics on Tuesday - Prepping of the skin and foundation. She told us to start a 'style file', which is basically a scrapbook filled with pictures of make up looks, broken down into sections - face, eyes, lips, hair etc. I started mine this weekend and think it's a fabulous idea as you can pull it out for inspiration whenever you like! We completed three foundation looks on Tuesday - light foundation, flawless look and heavy coverage. She did demos on every look and then we went away and practiced at our own fully lit make up table complete with all the products you could dream of! The heavy coverage look was insane, so so much product, but it would look amazing in photographs. With foundation looks done, we were ready for what tomorrow would bring.


Sam taught us again on Wednesday, and it was highlighting, contouring, blusher and bronzer time. Okay so, contouring is a hell of a lot more complex than you think! I can do it fine on my own face, but when you are studying somebody elses face for parts to accentuate, and parts to shadow, it's a different ball game. I love how you can create cheekbones, slim down noses, make forheads seem smaller and literally remove bits of peoples' faces just from using make up. Make up really is art, it's an optical illusion and you are making something appear to be something that it isn't. I love it! It's alot more clever than most people think. Where was I?! We used the Sleek contour palette and it's really good and amazing value for money. I've never used it before, but i'll definitely be stocking up for my kit. In the afternoon we moved onto bronzer and blusher which was slightly easier than contouring, and I found a new make up crush in MAC Pink Swoon - must pick that up too!


Sam taught us again, and it was eyebrows and lipliner today, which was good fun. Eyebrows can really change the structure of someone's face and I have always been a big fan of shaped, full brows. When I was at school I plucked them away to nothingness and it has taken me a long time to grow them back, but it was really good to be shown how to fake eyebrows for someone who has very little - I'm going to practice on my Mum, as she has quite thin, fair brows. Lipliner is quite basic to learn, you just need to know what shape the lips are and what you want to do to them. We practiced brows and lips in the morning and then did the whole look in the afternoon - base, contour, bronzer, blusher, brows and lips. We also ended up having a very intellectual conversation with Sam about Keeping up with the Kardashians, always a favourite subject of mine! FYI - All of them are immensly contoured if you couldn't already guess - beautiful? Yes. Contoured? HELL YES! This is what studying make up is doing to me. I can't watch a program, or read a magazine without studying everyones make up.


Today we met the amazing Jon Mort. He is a highly respected make up artist who has been in the industry since the early 1980's. He has worked with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavali, Moschino, Jaeger, Paul Smith, Armand Basi, Deadmau5, Cascada, Ian Brown, Wayne Rooney, Jason Donovan, Mathew Williamson, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Rachel Hunter, Fearn Cotton, Cat Deeley, Claudia Winkleman, Caprice, June Sarpong, Gary Barlow and has just come off a two month block of working on Emmerdale as the Make Up Supervisor. I was so nervous to meet him but he is lovely and has AMAZING teeth! Like seriously, I want teeth like that. Anyway, I digress. We learnt a 'no make up' make up look with Jon and then moved onto false lashes - individual and strip. No make up look is a very interesting look, and you do occasionally have to use more make up than you would like to use. Lashes were quite straight forward, only because I love to wear them myself, and i'm qualified in lash extensions so i'm quite comfortable using them. We also got our make up kits on Friday AND another brush set - win.

So that was my first week over at The School of Make Up. I have so much to soak in and my mind has been on make up 24/7 since last Monday - Lets face it, I could be thinking of worse things! Tomorrow we start Bridal make up, so we will see what next week brings along. I'm sure I will still love it as much as I do now come next Friday. Bring on the next 23 weeks, and an SOM night out in Manchester with my make up ladies soon. I can tell you one thing for certain - after waiting twenty years to discover something I truly love doing and discovering my passion... I can safely say I have!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Kate x 

Monday, 12 September 2011

.Day One at the SOM.

Hello everybody!

I am aware that is may not be a post everyone will want to read, but it's the reason I set up this blog in the first place and I feel I would be doing my blog a disservice if I didn't follow through on my aim for it.

Today was my first day at the School of Make Up, based in Stockport, a town very close to Manchester. I have waited for this day for what seems like an eternity. In actual fact it was only January when I visited and set my heart on changing my career path (and hopefully my life), here. I am on the 24 week combined course. There is a post further back on my blog with a bit more information and the website details. Click here to read it!

Well, what an amazing day! My group only has seven (lovely) girls on it, so it's fabulous as we will get alot of one on one time with all the tutors. Today I met Elaine Myers-Jones, the school principal. She is a lovely lady and makes you feel at home straight away.

As we did no practical today, this will just be a quick random post! I cannot wait to meet my other tutors, who have worked in things such as Corrie, Emmerdale, Downton Abbey, Captain America and have shot high end fashion shoots for some of the worlds' most prestigious glossy magazines! Elaine says they even take students onto sets if they can - Too excited for words.

Sorry if you don't follow my blog for random posts like this! I will be updating my August favourites and doing some more reviews soon!

I am so excited for the next six months of my life and can't wait to see what the future holds for me!

Kate x

Monday, 5 September 2011

.No7 Lash Adapt Mascara.

When it comes to mascara, I am extremely fussy. I used to buy alot of high end mascaras but recently I have been converted to high street products, Maybelline and Maxfactor being my favourite brands for good quality mascaras.

I was attracted to this product because I am a huge fan of Lisa Eldridge, who is an incredible MUA and has also been working alongside No7 for quite some years as their Creative Consultant. I also liked the fact that Lisa had been tweeting about it being the first ad campaign that wasn't enhancing the model's lashes with inserts. Don't you just hate the adverts on the tele and in mags where the models lashes look so fake it's laughable - However I do still buy the mascara (hangs head in shame). The pictures are just the mascara, fully showing off what it can do. I saw it in HELLO! magazine here in the UK and was sold. That was that, and off I went to Boots, '£5 off No7' in hand.

No7 claims that this mascara allows you to build up to six layers of mascara without clumping, and to keep lashes conditioned, flexible and soft even with six layers, due to the Jojoba oil in the formula. Big statement coming from No7, so I naturally put it to the test!

Bring on the mascara.... *I curled my lashes with my Shu Uemera curlers before applying*

Nakee lashes

One coat - Perfect for work/school.

Two coats - slightly more defined, but no clumps.

Three coats - are you impressed?! I would stop there for day to day wear.

Four coats - slightly more spider-ry! But still wearable.

Five coats - Black as black big lashes.

Six coats - WOWZER.

I am perhaps inappropriately excited about this mascara. I have NEVER found a mascara like this that you can just keep adding and building your layers up, dare I say it, in a slightly 'gung ho' fashion. Obviously you wouldn't tend to wear six coats of mascara on a day to day basis, but for a night out it's brilliant. I also let each layer dry before re-applying so you could carry this around throughout the day and easily create a 'day-to-night' look. Personally, I have been wearing two to three coats. Any mascara I have used before used to clump like hell at the three coat point.

I have never been a fan of No7 mascaras, but this has changed my opinion. At £12.50 (£7.50 with your voucher), it is quite pricey for a high street brand, but I used to pay £20 for a Dior mascara which was no way near the quality of this. I love the brush too, it's a perfect size, not too big nor too small and the fibres are very soft on your eyelashes.

As for the claim they keep your lashes soft and flexible? Another truthful statement. When I run my fingers over my lashes there is no stiffness and they do feel alot 'softer' than my lashes normally do when I use my Maybelline Falsies. It does not smudge, flake, you get no drop down and it comes off so easily too - win win win.

The tube is also sparkly... It's the small things.
I really do think this is a fantastic product, Lisa Eldridge has never let me down yet, but this is one of the best things No7 has come out with. Have any of you tried this? What did you think of it? Have a lovely week!

Kate x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

.Shopping #1.

I went to Manchester today with my Mum, mainly to pick up some Winter clothes for college. I did, however, manage to pick up some beauty finds too, naturally!

MAC Glaze lipstick in 'Hue'.
MAC Satin blush in 'Fleur Power'
MAC Frost blush in 'Margin'
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All in One BB Cream in 'Medium'
MAC Eye Kohl in 'Teddy'.
Sleek Nude Collection blush in 'Suede'
Sleek Eyeshadow palette x2 - 'Storm' and 'Au Naturel' (Nude Collection)

Hue Lipstick: This has been all over all the blogs I have been reading of late, so I decided to try it out! It's a lovely shade, quite a sheer peachy pink, leaning more towards the peach colour spectrum. Compared to my other favourite MAC lippie, Shy Girl, it's much more sheer coverage, but I like that because I can build it up if I want or just pop some liner on underneath to make it more pigmented.

Fleur Power: This is a beautiful shade, described on the MAC website as 'a soft bright pinkish-coral'. I can't really describe this any better than that to be honest! I have used it yet, but if it sits as well on my skin as 'Well Dressed' does (which is also a satin finish), I will be super happy! I like having lots of blushes to choose from, and seeing as it's a matte finish I can mix it with my shimmer blushes to create new colours and finishes.

Margin: The love for this blusher is thanks to my best friend Cassie, who loves it, and her make up always looks beautiful. So I just had to have it, obviously. MAC describes it as 'peach with gold shimmer'. I'm not one for shimmer blushes but this is a peachy enough colour to also use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones. I do think this blush would be suited to skin that is more tanned, but if you use a light enough hand it would look okay on fairer skin. I have a feeling using Fleur Power and Margin is going to be my new fave combo!

Garnier BB Cream: So the infamous Blemish Balms have finally hit the UK, and I picked this up in Superdrug on offer for £7.99. I'm really interested to see how this works for me, and i'm planning on using it tomorrow. Illamasqua Skin Base, my foundation of choice, is way too heavy for a lazy day of make up wearing, and I really like the idea of putting this on straight after cleansing. The finish on the back of my hand is beautiful, and it's a lovely gel texture. I will review this as soon as I have a better idea of what the product is like.

The finish of Garnier BB cream - So far, so good.
Teddy: Gorgeous dark brown glittery eyeliner - I am a massive fan of brown smoky eyes and am really looking forward to using this!

Sleek Suede: Okay, so this blush is the dupe of Margin, but without the shimmer! And if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, go for it!! It's £13 cheaper - MAC, stop raising your prices, it's ridic. I really really like this blush (I mean the colour, as I haven't had the chance to use it yet). I think it'll be a lovely contour shade too.

Sleek Storm & Nude palette: Okay, finding the Nude palette took some dedication. I went to the Superdrug in the Arndale and the girl told me some woman comes in on launch day and buys ALL the Sleek palettes... Is she for real?! I went into another Superdrug before FINALLY finding a palette in the Picadilly Train Station Superdrug - For any Manc girls wanting this palette there were loads in today. The shades are so nice, the darker ones more so, as the light ones are not very highly pigmented. I have never used the Sleek shadows before, but since joining the blogging community I have read so many good things about them, so I was determined to seek these out. I also picked up the Storm palette, which is also quite neutral. I can't wait to try them!

Storm Palette

Nude Palette

I also got alot of clothes, let me know if you want to see them too! I'm never sure, as this is first and foremost a beauty blog! Hope you're all having a lovely week, i'm off out tomorrow night for my work leaving do and will be trying out the majority of these products so I will try to remember to do a FOTN post too! Please comment and let me know what you think of these kind of posts. Thanks girls.

Kate x