Saturday, 1 October 2011

.HD Brows.

Ever since I saw the HD Brow Palette in Look magazine a couple of years ago, I have wanted to have the treatment done. Today, I finally got round to it. And now i'm not sure how I coped without HD Brows before!

HD Brows is 7 steps to perfect eyebrows. The therapist uses a range of techniques including tinting, waxing, plucking, trimming, threading and shaping to define and frame your eyebrows, creating an elegant and beautifully defined look.

Unfortunately, when I was in secondary school, as many girls do I got 'pluck happy'. In a major way. I plucked them until there was no more than a pencil thin line and I honestly didn't think they would ever grow back. With a lot of patience, and restraint from the tweezers, they did begin to grow. It's only this year they have got to the stage that I am happy with them, and felt I have enough eyebrow to work well with. Strangely enough, as a girl who loves having beauty treatments, I have always done my own brows, whether it be tinting them or plucking them. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for shaped and tidy brows, but my idea of luxury isn't being plucked and waxed and it is this reason I never paid for the service and did it myself. However, once my eyebrows had grown I decided it was time to get them properley shaped and taken care of by a professional. That is where Azar comes in.

Azar is specially trained in HD Brows, LVL and Nouveau Lashes. She is based in central Manchester the majority of the time, and luckily for me comes to my town a few times a year to perform treatments and make us all feel pretty. I have only had HD brows with her, but I am booking in to have LVL lashes with her too and I can honestly say she is very talented and excells in this field. I had grown my eyebrows for about two weeks before this treatment, so she had plenty to work with. As an 'eyebrow' treatment virgin, I was quite nervous in a silly way about handing over my brows to someone else, but I needn't have worried. Azar started off by asking me what type of shape I wanted to go for (I chose a quite dramatic arched look, taking some of the bulk from below my brow) and what colour I wanted (I have a thing for dark brows, so naturally I chose dark brown. Seeing as I am dark haired anyway, it suits me, but the technician would be able to help you make a choice if you weren't as sure as me). She then set about working her magic on my brows.

She began by tinting by brows so she could see exactly where the hairs were and which ones needed removing. Once that was done she trimmed down any longer hairs and waxed underneath, creating the appropriate arch shape. She then threaded top and bottom, which gets rid of all the tiny fine hairs you never normally remove through plucking. She also got rid of some 'baby' hair I have on my forehead and told me that my make up would go on much smoother as a result of that - definite plus point. Once the threading was finished, she plucked away any stray hairs and brushed through my brows to check that the desired effect had been reached. If a client has some reddening of the skin after the treatment, Azar would apply some mineral make up to disguise it until it fades in the next few hours. I didn't need that, nor did I need any pencilling or shadowing in of my brows, because the colour was very dark already.

The treatment only took about half an hour. It was 99% painless as well - I have heard horror stories of threading but I actually liked the feeling. I suppose it is all down to your own pain threshold. Azar charges £25, which I am more than happy to pay for, after the effect I have got. In the last few weeks of college, the tutors are constantly saying how important eyebrows are in shaping and framing the face and how much they can change a look. They really can, and I think it's good to keep them tidy and fresh looking. Your eyes are the window to your soul, or so i've heard, so it's always nice to frame them with gorgeous brows as far as i'm concerned.

Now it's time for the pictures....



I adore the result. Love, love, LOVE it! I am so happy with my new brows and feel like they look 'done', even when i'm not wearing any make up. I think it's a lovely treatment to have and it has made me feel really good about myself. Azar also did two of my friends, Lucy and Cassie, and the results were just as good on them.

HD Brows website. - Find your nearest therapist here. I HIGHLY recommend Azar if you are in the Manchester area

Azar's Facebook Page. - Check her out on facebook. Lots of before and after pics, not only of HD brows but of other treatments too.

Azar's salon website: ShuSha Beauty - All the contact details and information you need to book yourself in.

So there we have it. I am really chuffed with my new 'High Definition' brows and can't see myself going back to 'normal' brows any time soon!

Kate x

My HD brows in all their glory.


  1. omg!!! kate I am definitely getting this done it looks amazing xx

  2. they look amazing! this is why I am growing mines out!

  3. Elise - Thank you very much :) xx

    Cara - You definitely should, such a treat! xx

    Sam - Honestly they are more amazing that I ever thought! You'll love it just as much as me i'm sure :) xx

    Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera - Be patient and don't crack and pluck anyway like I used to! It's worth it xx

    Glimmer and Glow - Thank you very much :) xx

  4. Wow they look so good! I've loved the look of having mine threaded but these look so polished! x