Wednesday, 2 November 2011

.MAC Rebel.

I have always been a fan of dark lipstick, in most colours. My problem was I sometimes found it hard to work with and after a few hours/drinks it was not looking too fantastic... Bad lipstick is never okay...

Luckily for me, during my time training I have had plenty of time to try to perfect my dark lipstick application, which meant me cracking out some of my relatively unused lippies to have a little practice on at the weekends. This is when I fell in love with a Rebel. MAC Rebel Lipstick to be precise. Such a gorgeous deep plum purple that suits any skintone.

With flash.

Without flash.
 As much as I adore Rebel, I do think with dark lipstick you need a lipliner too. Not only does it make your lips look polished and sophisticated, I think it forms a 'velcro' like bond for the lipstick to sit on. Thank you, Maybelline COLORSensational lipliner in 540 'Hollywood Red' - More like a plum red, not a postbox red, so it goes with Rebel perfectly.

Your key to a perfect purple pout!

My top tips for a long lasting pout:

- Prep lips beforehand, with balm. Wipe off any excess before applying your liner.
- With lipliner always sharpen before use. Begin at the cupids bow, one 'bow' at a time. Go over any white outline you have around your lipline to create a fuller natural lipline. Once the bows are lined, move down each side of your upper lip. I open my mouth slightly at this point which allows me to get right into the corners of my mouth. With your lower lip, start in the middle again, and open your mouth to get into the corners. Lipliner takes time to perfect, but it really can make the difference between an okay look, and an amazing one. Take your time, and as Gary Barlow once said - Have a little patience.

Apologies for crappy iPhone pic and fleecy PJs.. ;)
- Once you have created a lipline, fill your lips in with the liner colour, creating the 'velcro' effect I swear by. It also stops that awful line if your lipstick fades.
- I ALWAYS use a lip brush to apply a darker lipstick. My favourite is the MAC one, by far. I'd reccommend getting the one with the metal lid, as you can pop it in your handbag for touch ups.
- Apply the first coat of lipstick staying inside the drawn in lipline. If you go over, don't fret. Soak a cotton bud in eye make up remover and sharpen up any lines.
- Now this is the top tip... Blot with a tissue between each coat of lipstick, mattifying your lippie. Then reapply. I normally do about three coats. This always ensures my lipstick stays pretty much perfect for at least a couple of hours, which is something we all want - Strawberry Daiquiri or touch up your lipstick on a night out... I know which one I would choose!

The way I apply my lipstick normally ends up in it staining my lips anyway, so even if it does wear off, it still looks quite nice and worn in.

Without flash.

With flash.
 So there you have it. I hope this has helped in a way with any you lovely ladies who are slightly scared of dark/bright lipstick. This sort of colour is perfect for this time of year and I think it really pulls a look together. I haven't got any other make up on in the above photos but would be more than happy to leave the house like that with a chunky knit, big leather bag, hat and Chelsea boots. Look done. I absolutely love Rebel and will no doubt be wearing it alot in the next few weeks!

Hope you are all having a lovely week, it's my 21st on Friday so I am beyond excited. One day I will grow up. That is a lie.

Kate x


  1. Thanks for posting this, was so helpful. X

  2. Ooh this looks amazing on you! I'm too scared to rock a bright/dark lip! Hope you have a lovely 21st birthday on Friday and get spoilt rotten!x

  3. OOOOO looks very nice hun :) xxxx

  4. ahhh thanks for this post! ive been after a liner to match rebel and now i can go get this one! xxx

  5. nice review. i've just bought mac rebel, and i am now looking for the lip liner (but mac lipliner is too much for me). glad you share the info of the dupe (maybelline) =D