Sunday, 2 October 2011

.Week Three at The School of Make Up.

Hello again! I really can't believe a) it's October and b) I'm going into my fourth week at school. Here's a round up of what happened in week three.


Jon took the class today, and we did make up to a time limit. More often than not, and especially if you are working on a runway show, you need to work quickly to get the look the client is looking for. Alot of the time you only have 15-30 minutes to create a full look - daunting! Jon gave us each a brief and gave us 30 minutes to create that look. I was working with Priya, and he gave me a goldy/browny/black smokey eye with bronzed skin and gold toned lips.

Finished look to a time limit.
In a perfect world, I would have put some false lashes on, and made the colour slightly more pigmented. I would have also focused on the skin slightly more, concealing and warming it up. Obviously that will come with time. I quite like the pressure being put on me, which I didn't think I would. In the afternoon we had a good chat to Jon about working in the industry and how people expect you to behave, in fashion and in television. Jon worked with Versace for nine years so he's got some brilliant tales of the fashion world. And Donatella really isn't that orange in real life.... Who'd have thunk it?! He gave us some amazing advice about getting started once we finish our course and how to grow into a successful and professional make up artist.


Jon took the class again today, and we did 'beauty' make up and hand/body make up. I was the demo model for Jon to work on the beauty look, which was fun. When I say beauty, think skin care adverts and foundation adverts. The model looks like she has no make up on but in reality you're putting more on than any other look. In effect, I had a foundation mask on. Eyes and lips are very understated, with slight contouring to the cheeks. The client wants to consumer to look at the advert and think either she has no make up on, or the foundation looks incredible. Beauty shots are lit amazingly well and the look does look beautiful on camera. For this reason, a lot of the time other ad campaigns will use beauty make up, but add a dramatic eye or lip to it. Check out the half on, half off photo I did - you end up forgetting what your skin looks like underneath all the product! 

Jon's beauty look demo.

Half on, half off!
In the afternoon, Jon demo'd on me again, this time making up my arm. I actually think body make up is amazing, and I use MAC Face and Body on myself for nights out, instead of instant tan. It just gives a very natural look to your skin, evening out any uneven pigmentation and giving you abit of a glow if you use a darker shade. It is obviously done alot more meticulously in the make up industry, normally being stippled onto the skin and blended with a sea sponge. It then normally needs sealing to the skin with a special spray - and it's a nightmare to get off!


Sam took us today, and it was such a fun day! Wednesday was glamour/drag make up - I had been looking forward to this since I signed up for the course. It didn't disappoint! The look Sam demo'd was a pink/purple glamour eye, massive lashes, flawless heavy base, heavy contouring and loud and proud pink lips. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Sam's demo

My glamour look on Jemma

Eye close up.

Closed eye.


Elaine took us today, which was very exciting. We did 'working to a brief on current trends'. Elaine had scoured, finding us all different looks from London, Milan and New York Fashion week. What she didn't do though, was tell us what designer it was. She was also very vague, because she says that alot of the time, on jobs the client will be a male who is very much like that and expects you to just know what we are doing. We were allowed to ask Elaine questions about the look to try to get as much information as possible. The brief Elaine gave me was 'sophisticated eye look'. After my questioning I had got that the look was a khaki/brown smokey eye, heavy flawless base, slight contouring, bare natural lips , natural eyebrows and no false lashes. So with that idea in mind, and not having a clue what the actual look or designer was, I went to work on my partner Olivia. This is what I came up with...

In the afternoon Elaine then showed us the look she had based the brief on. Mine was based on Emilio Pucci's S/S 2012 look. Here is a link to the look Elaine had chosen for me

All in all, I was quite pleased with my look, and Elaine said it was pretty much spot on. However the one thing I didn't ask was the intensity of the smokey eye, it should have been a little bit more dramatic.


For the first time in three weeks, I wore make up to school! This is because Friday was soley a demo day. Sam did a demo on Priya first, to show us a typical Asian look. In the afternoon we watched two pre-done demos on mature skin and oriental skin. Obviously in an industry that is very diverse culture wise, we need to know how to create looks on all face types, shapes and colours, so this was an interesting day. We also touched on black skin, which is very similar to make up on a caucasian skin, just a few shades darker on the colour wheel. We had an early finish on Friday which was a nice treat, especially as a few of us in the group were going out that night in Manchester. Me and Olivia popped to Selfridges to check out the new beauty hall - HEAVEN! Check it out ASAP if you're a northern girl.

Sam's Asian skin make up demo.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I'm thoroughly looking forward to The XFactor, Downton Abbey and TOWIE later on!

Kate x


  1. It's fun to read about your learning experiences

  2. love wednesday's!xxxx

  3. Absolutely love the glamour eye. Glamour makeup is one of my favourites! x