Sunday, 23 October 2011

.Treasure Hunt.

Last weekend, I was in Manchester for the annual Beauty Show with my friends and naturally we ended up in the beauty hall in Selfridges. I was hanging around the MAC counter as my friend Kelly blew her wages on lots of products, not planning to buy anything, until I spotted one of the MUAs eye make up. Whoops. She had a beautiful brown bronzed smokey eye going on with this amazing green gold glitter shade over the lid. She told me she had just used lots of browns blended together and then put a Paint Pot that was in the new collection, Posh Paradise, over it.

The Paint Pot in question is Genuine Treasure, described on the website as 'reflects antiqued gold', and retailing for £13.50.

This is my first ever paintpot, believe it or not. I am definitely more of a powder shadow fan, but I really do love the texture of this shadow, and it has great staying power. It looks beautiful on it's own or dabbed over another smokey eye look. I always apply eye primer before applying my shadow and I do think this makes a difference to the staying power.

Genuine Treasure on it's own.

Genuine Treasure over a brown smokey eye.

Full look.
All in all, a very positive first experience with MAC's Paint Pots. I am always a bit dubious of cream shadows because they have a tendancy to crease and look abit 'bleurgh' by the end of the day, but I think i've found a winner here. Also, I believe an eyeshadow base is 100% necessary for these kind of formulations. I wore this for over six hours the other day and it was still crease free and stuck fast by the time came to remove my make up. What do you think of Paint Pots, or for that matter, any other creamy based eye products?

Kate x


  1. This paintpot is gorgeous!! I love paintpots, I have 6 of them and like to use them as an eyeshadow base or as an eyeshadow :)

    Gem x

  2. Gorgeous!