Saturday, 15 October 2011

.LVL Lashes.

If you read my post from a couple of weeks ago about the HD Brows treatment I had, you would know I was also booking in for the LVL lash treatment. I had it done today by the lovely Azar and here is my review as promised.

LVL lashes stands for length, volume and lift. It is a lash treatment that includes no lash extensions what so ever, enhancing your natural lash. I am not a lash extension fan myself, I trained in them at college, and loved the effect. Unfortunately I hated the upkeep. For me, it was just too much hassle, and in the long run they are not good for your eyelashes. I know it may not seem like it, but I am relatively low maintenence when it comes to beauty treatments. Before I started having eye treatments, I only ever had my nails and hair done, and a spray tan for a special occasion or a night out. I love the fact LVL creates the look of lash extensions without applying any false eyelashes to your eye. Also, if you get a dodgy lash technician, you can end up having lots of problems and even hair loss, which is no fun for anyone.

Now, some of you may be thinking "isn't this just a fancy eyelash perm?". It most certainly isn't. Perming is performed using a bendy rod in different sizes depending on the 'curl' you want, which is placed on the lash line and the lashes are then, in effect, bent round the rod. This is supposed to curl the lashes but because they are going back on themselves, it actually makes the lashes look curly, but shorter. LVL uses a silicone shield that the eyelashes are pulled up onto creating the lifted look. Lashes are not curled, but straigtened and lifted. 

LVL lashes can last up to 6 weeks, which is also a plus point for girls who have been promised that their lash extensions will last that long - They hardly ever do. The problem with lash extensions is that the therapist never knows what stage of hair growth the hair they are placing the extension on is in. If the hair is ready to shed, the extension will go with it. That's life, and that's why they very rarely last as long as you are promised they will. Another thing I love about this treatment is that you don't have to wear mascara if you don't want to, but your eyes look bright and awake the minute you get up in the morning. This is a huge plus for me, due to my college course. Going to the train station in the morning with no make up on, when you are a die hard mascara fan is really not the best look.

Azar charges £45 for the LVL Lashes treatment which I actually find a reasonable price. Some of you may be thinking that it's quite expensive, but if you think about it, extensions can cost anywhere between £50-£150. I am so impressed with LVL, and it has actually given me a better effect than lash extensions have ever given me. So for me, it's 100% worth it.

LVL lashes will work better if you have relatively good lashes to start with. My lashes are very long but quite straight, so I knew they would benefit from this treatment. Azar also tints the lashes which gives definition and depth to the lashes. I went for the blackest black tint colour due to my dark colouring.

Click here to watch MUA Lisa Eldridge have her LVL treatment.

The link above will direct you to a video that shows Lisa Eldridge having the treatment done and the steps the treatment involves. Seeing as I had my eyes closed for the whole treatment, it was good to watch this to see what Azar was doing during the treatment.



These pictures were taken after the treatment with NO mascara on what so ever, or any eyelash curling trickery. I think you'll all agree, the results are once again very impressive! I absolutely LOVE my natural, lifted and wonderfully long eyelashes. They actually hit my brow bone - amazing.

Check out Azar's website here.
'Like' Azar's Facebook page and check out some more before and after pictures here.
Check out the LVL website and find your nearest therapist here.

Once again, I can't recommend Azar enough if you are in the Manchester area, or the Shrewsbury area like me (She is next down here on the 5th November). So get booking girls! This is such a lovely treatment at any time of the year but would be amazing for holidays, special occasions or just when you want to make yourself feel nice! It is also totally relaxing and in no way painful. I was actually so chilled out afterwards and felt really sleepy.

I am totally hooked on both HD brows and LVL Lashes now... Maybe i'm not so low maintenence after all...

Kate x


  1. ah wow your lashes look amazing! I'd actually never heard of this so I'll be looking into it now :) great post x

  2. The new trend is to have a 'branded' face...and people with a penchant for vanity and enough disposable income/gas bill money will always pay more to buy into a brand. The fact is LVL uses perming solution so is a perm - it just uses it only at the base of the lash to lift - in effect a root perm. This is not new technology, it has been used in salons for years, but it is an excellent business opportunity for those with an eye to extracting money from suggestible types - and there's nothing wrong with that - that's business.

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