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.Week Six at The School of Make Up.

Happy Sunday everyone! I am spending it in bed being a lazy bum. I have so far watched The Bachelor, The Xtra Factor, A Cinderella Story and I am now onto Monster-in-Law. It's lovely to have a lazy day, especially after a busy, fun-filled week at school. This week was airbrushing which I loved... Here's a run down.

Monday & Wednesday.

We started the week with Elaine, learning airbrushing basics. We started with foundation application, first doing a light base and then moving onto a heavier one. Airbrush make up is very similar to being spray tanned. There is a compressor that provides the pressure needed, and an airbrush attachment that the product goes into for application. Pressure can be adjusted depending on what area of the body you're applying the make up too, for example you would turn it down for eye make up. There are so many airbrush make up brands such as Dinair, Kett and Temptu which we use at the college but the main brand for foundation is Airbase. Take a look at the site if you fancy finding out more.

I'm combining Monday and Wednesday in this post because the days were quite similar. We had Sam on Wednesday who was teaching us the other face basics - Highlight, contour, blush and bronze. You have to be quite precise with the airbrush when you're applying it to precise areas of the face so we practiced quite a lot to get that as close to perfect as we could. I really love airbrush make up and will definitely be investing in a kit for when i'm working. It goes on flawlessly and looks amazing in photos, so it's perfect for lots of things from bridal make up to runway shows. If applied correctly, you normally don't even need to conceal and spots, just under the eyes. You can get a base, highlighter, contour, blusher and bronzer on in 5-10 minutes so it's fabulous if you're on a tight schedule. Here is my partner Emma after being airbrushed by me.


Elaine demonstrated eye make up with airbrush today. You will very rarely use eye airbrush make up unless you're on a television/film set and you need to do hundreds of extras without much up close detail. I did quite enjoy eye airbrushing, but like Elaine said, you can create a much more detailed eye make up with a brush in the same amount of time. In the afternoon she did a creative airbrush design on Olivia.

We practiced some creative airbrushing on each other too, but I have never said i'm very creative, so no pictures of my amazing zebra airbrush unfortunately! Hehe.


Thursday was amazingly fun! We were doing bruising and zombie make up today with the airbrushing. In the morning we did bruises. There are alot of stages to a bruise, which you would have to research if you were doing bruising on a job, but we did the first stage of a bruise. Quite a lot of detail goes into this to make it look as real as possible, and it's not just abit of purple around the eye like I thought originally!

Elaine's bruise demo.

My bruise attempt.
Obviously, Elaine's is miles better than mine. We have all got into the mindset of 'blend blend blend' and bruises need to be 'badly blended' so we need to get that into our heads! Practice makes perfect.

In the afternoon came the fun part - Death/zombie make up! I have been looking forward to this, and special effects make up, since I applied for the course, so I jumped at the chance to be Elaine's demo for this look. It consists of a lot of stages, first of all basic death make up and then moving into zombie make up. It was abit morbid/creepy to see myself with a dead face but it's amazing how real it looks. By the end of it, I had blood eye drops in my eyes, greasy hair, blood smeared in my mouth and around my ears and nose and brown tooth enamel painted onto my teeth - sexy! Here are all the pictures from the fun afternoon we had! Enjoy...

Elaine's Zombie demo.

Zombie with a Shellac manicure!

Elaine's Zombie demo.
Elaine's Zombie demo.

My Zombie look on Chelsey.

Chelsey's zombie look on me.

Chelsey's Zombie look.

AJ's edit! L-R: Me, Zoe and Emma.


We had Jon today, and he taught us spray tanning. I trained in spray tanning when I did my beauty therapy qualification, but it was nice to have a refresher on it. Sometimes on shoots the designer will want the model to have a warmer skin tone and they will expect you to know how to spray tan, and it's always good to offer it to brides. In the afternoon he gave each pair a script and we had to break it down, going through it and writing notes on the character's make up and seeing where we would have to keep check of the continuity. Chelsey and I had an eastenders episode which was good fun to read through!

So that's week six over with! Time is seriously flying by, it's scary. Follow me on twitter for updates through the week of my college life @katelambie - Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Kate x

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