Sunday, 9 October 2011

.Week Four at The School of Make Up.

I honestly cannot believe it has already been a month. This week we began theatrical and television make up, and here's a low down...


Today we were meant to be taught by Emma, but unfortunately she came down with the bug that seems to have been haunting us at the school for the last couple of weeks - We've all been dropping like flies. So we had Jon again. He taught us the basic 'straight' make up for television. Obviously it depends on the show and the character. We spent the morning creating a television look of our choice. I decided to do a period look - along the lines of Downton Abbey, my current pleasure. I didn't take a picture because a) I forgot my camera, and b) it's an incredibly minimal look. In the afternoon, Jon talked us through etiquette on shoots and how we should behave. I really listen to Jon's opinions and advice, because he has been in the industry for so long and really knows his stuff.


Tattoos were the flavour of the day today. It's just as well we could wash them off, because if i'm honest, it's certainly not my forte! I'll be the first person to admit that i'm not artistic, so freehand drawing just didn't get on with me. I did however find the stamp tattoos, stencil tattoos and transfer tattoos quite fun to do. Here's a picture of my friend Emma's tattoos. The fairy is a stamp tattoo and the lily is freehand. She's super talented!


Today, the amazing Elaine took us for 'careers' day. A day in which she talked us through all aspects of life outside the school - pricing, tax, insurance, networking, getting experience and getting ourselves out there in the big wide world. She gave us three challenges too. By christmas, she wants us to have worked in the theatre and to have worked on a runway show. Also, by the time we have finished the course as a whole she wants us to have had some experience on a television advert - Scary! But also pretty exciting. I've already been in contact with some theatres around me and if any of you know of ANY runway shows going on, please do let me know. Elaine is so incredible about making you feel that you can do anything, she really is a one off. We also did a mock BBC interview, which I got the highest score in - Very proud, seeing as I haven't had the highest score in anything since Brickbreaker on my blackberry ;)


Back to practical today, this time theatre make up. Jon showed us a basic 'straight' theatre make up and in the afternoon demonstrated a theatrical ageing make up, which was pretty impressive, and will take some practice! Basic theatre make up is quite simple, but there's a few technical things that I need to get the hang of. Here's the pictures of Jon's demos.

Priya and her theatre make up.

Jemma with her old wrinkly face!


Today was a fun day, where we were allowed to do whatever we liked. Jon asked us to think of a fashion look and then accessorize it with gems, crystals, feathers the works! I decided to practice the two things I feel I need to work on the most - Eyeliner and Lips. When I say lips, I mean getting the lipline as perfect as possible. I based my look on Chanel's recent show at Paris Fashion Week. Slick of black liner and pearls for a decorative effect. I decided to add a red lip to it as well.

Jon took us through call sheets, understanding scripts and all sorts of things to do with television and filming - it's all abit of a mind field and I think i'll only get the hang of it when i'm out in the industry!

Hope you're all okay, and have had a lovely week! Next week at school we are doing more television make up, along with bald caps! So prepare for some hilarious photos in next weeks post.

Kate x


  1. Another great post m'dear!! Bald caps, I cannot wait to see this :D xxxxxx

  2. It sounds so interesting! The ageing make up is truely amazing, can't wait to see more!