Tuesday, 30 August 2011

.Forty Beauty Questions.

Hello girls! These sort of things are always fun to do, and I borrowed this post off Billie's Beauty Blog - Hope you don't mind Billie! She's got a lovely blog so go and check it out.

If any of you want to take this off my blog, feel free! I love to read these kind of things.


How many times do you wash your face daily? I wash my face twice a day, morning and night. When I say face, I mean my face, neck and decolletage. In the morning I will only do a single cleanse, but in the evening I do a double cleanse to make sure I remove every trace of makeup before bed.

What skin type do you have? I have normal skin. I am very lucky in regards to my skin. I have never suffered from breakouts, I get the odd spot now and again and sometimes I get a slight bit of dry skin, especially in the Winter.

What is your favourite cleanser? I have two. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and Shu Uemera Skin Purifying Oil cleanser. I used to be a face wipe girl through and through when I was younger, but as I have got older, I have realised that wipes do not remove all the makeup that has gathered in your pores throughout the day. I use SU cleanser only at night to remove the bulk of my makeup followed by the Liz Earle, and I only use the Liz Earle in the morning.

Do you exfoliate? Yes I do. I exfoliate twice a week.

What brand do you use? I use Estee Lauder Idealist Skin Refinishing Treatment. It's a lovely self heating mask/exfoliator that you leave on for five minutes. It's very gentle on my skin too, as I hate harsh scrubs.

What moisturiser do you use? At the moment, I am using a mixture. I have recently had a patch of dry skin on my cheek and until that went I was using Liz Earle moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin. I'm now using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser and three times a week I will use The Sanctuary Facial Oil overnight which is amazing.

Do you have freckles? Yes! My face is covered in them! Mum and Dad are scottish so I am quite fair and freckly.

Do you use eye cream? Yes, I use Origin's Ginzing eye cream in the mornings to wake my face up abit. I don't use a night eye cream, if anybody has any good recommendations please let me know!

Do you or did you have acne prone skin? Very luckily, no.

Did you ever have to use Pro-Activ? No.

Make Up.

What foundation do you use? This totally depends on what sort of finish I want to create, however my favourites at the moment are Illamasqua Skin Base and MAC Face and Body. (Tip: Mixed together they are gorgeous!)

How about concealer? I don't use a concealer on a daily basis, mainly because all I ever need to cover normally is any shadows under my eyes and my Skinbase does that perfectly. If I have a breakout I will use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.
What do you think of false eyelashes? Love them! Not keen on the mega mega false lashes - Eyelure 101s are my favourite.

Do you know your undertone? Yes, I have warm undertones.

Did you know you're supposed to change your mascara every three months? Yes I did know that, I tend to finish them before three months though! Or i'll go by the 'popping' sound of the mascara. The minute it stops making that popping noise when it comes out the tube it needs changing! Also, if you've had a contagious eye infection you should replace your mascara.

What brand of mascara do you use? I am a huge fan of high street/drugstore mascara. Maybelline Falsies and Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara are my favourites.

Sephora or MAC? MAC, due to there not being a Sephora in the UK.

Do you have a MAC PRO card? No I don't, but I will soon - YAY!

What make up tools do you use in application? A mixture of brushes, and Shu Uemera Eyelash Curlers are a make up must!

Do you use a primer for eyes? Yes, I use Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Do you use a primer for face? No.

What is your favourite eye shadow? I have two that I can't choose between, and they are both MAC - Mulch and Antiqued.

Do you use pencil or liquid liner? I use pencil and gel - liquid is daunting!

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? Erm... Never?! I do poke my eye with my mascara wand quite regularly though!

What do you think of pigment eye shadows? I don't own many but I love the colour pay off they provide.

What is your favourite lipstick? Oh I have so many! Plus they change so often. At the moment my favourite lippie is Shy Girl by MAC.

Do you use mineral make up? Not anymore. I used to use Bare Minerals foundation which was lovely!

How about lipgloss? I'm not sure if this means mineral or just in general? Generally, I love lipgloss. Normally over lipstick or lipliner though. I lean towards lipstick more so, as I believe it gives you a more polished look.

What is your favourite blusher to use? If I want a dewy natural glow, I will use Bobbi Brown Cream blushers, but normally MAC blushers are my go to ones. My favourite at the moment is Springsheen, but it depends on how tanned I am.

Do you buy your make up off eBay? No, just because I know there are alot of fake products out there - especially brushes!

Do you like high street make up? Yes! I think nowadays, high street makeup has really stepped up it's game! I love Bourjois, Maxfactor and Maybelline - I am dying to try Sleek as well.

Do you shop at CCOs? I don't know what that is?! So no.

Did you ever consider taking make up classes? Well i'm starting my training to become a MUA and Hairstylist in less than two weeks, so yes :)

Are you clumsy at applying make up? Depends how tired I am! Not normally though.

Name a make up crime you hate. Girls, young girls especially, that wear foundation on their lips as 'lipstick' - EURGH!

Do you like colourful shades of make up? On the lips, yes. On the eyes, no.

Which celebrity always has nice make up? Kim Kardashian - she is a living doll.

If you could leave the house using just one product, what would it be? Definitely mascara.

Could you ever leave the house with no make up on? Yes! For me, make up is fun. I like applying it and finding new products and creating new looks. The day I have to rely on make up to make me feel worthy of leaving the house is the day it will become a chore for me and I will no longer enjoy using it.

Do you think you look good without make up on?  Depends on whether i'm having a bad face day or not!

In your opinion, what is the best make up brand? MAC and Illamasqua.

Random: I am just reading the article in Hello! magazine about Kim Kardashians wedding. I would like to say... I LOVE HER! She is so beautiful. Although Khloe is the funniest!

Have a good day!

Kate x


Sunday, 28 August 2011

.In & Out.

I'm having such a lazy weekend and it's so lovely! Here is a quick post with August's 'Ins and Outs'...


1. Homemade food: I love to cook, especially hearty meals and puddings. Recently I cooked my first Sunday roast and it was amazing - hell yeah i'm blowing my own trumpet! But Mum did help... Thanks Mum! I have also made two lovely fruit crumbles within about a week - perfect for the impending Winter months. I am beginning to feel like a Desperate Housewive!

2. Gossip Girl Season Four: Ahhhh Blair & Serena. Unfortunately, I always seem to miss GG on ITV2 when it airs. Fortunately, this means I get the boxset and have lots and lots of Upper East Side drama and glamour to catch up on, which I have been doing for two weeks now... Bring on season five!

3. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: I know this has been forever a staple of most beauty bloggers, but i'm new and clearly behind the times on cleansers. I used to be a Johnson's baby wipe kinda gal, but now there is no turning back for me. This stuff is so amazing and my skin actually loves me for using it. Review will follow when I have used it long enough to justify a proper review (I have been using it for about a month). So far, so good, and I can't see it leaving my bathroom cabinet for a long time.

4. Gin and Juice: I feel very 'Snoop Dogg' saying that. I will specify that it is Gin and Orange juice. Such a nice change to my usual white wine spritzer/Vodka and orange juice.

5. Future plans: This week has been a slight whirlwind. I left my job, in preparation for my makeup course, our house finally sold, after being on the market for a year, AND we had an offer accepted on a house! It's bittersweet, as it has been my home since I was four, seventeen years this November. I will miss it so so much. It was the perfect house to grow up in, right in the middle of the country, with field after field to roam in and paddocks that allowed me to have a pony - lifelong dream. Herbie will still be mine and will be moving home, he's part of the furniture. It's also exciting as it's a new chapter in my life AND the decorating ideas have gone into overdrive!


1. The Football Season: Like many girls around the country, I recently lost my Boyfriend Tom on a Sat & Sun to the 'beautiful' game. Zzzzz. On the plus side, I can scour as many blogs as I like and watch as many YT vids as I want :)

2. Packing: With every house sale, comes alot of packing. One word - ARGH! I'm glad I was four when we last moved, Mum and Dad did it all. And I must've had ALOT of Barbies! I have so much junk, and in my 'makeup drawer' I came across six Rimmel Sunshimmers - I need help.

3. First day nerves: I start at The School of Makeup on Sept 12th, and I am really nervous, like a little kid waiting to go back to school. I know i'll be fine once I start, but you can't help that butterfly feeling.

4. Being unemployed: Due to my course, I obviously won't have a job for six months. This is no fun for me after having a relatively well paid job for the past two years. Mum and I are off to Manchester shopping next week with my last wage - sob - and I have a list as long as my arm.

5. August weather: I'm all for winter weather. There's nothing better than snuggling up with a hot chocolate and putting your UGG's on for a walk in the snow. But it's August. AUGUST. Shame on you, UK weather.

I'm off to see The Inbetweeners movie tonight! Heard good things about it, have any of you guys seen it?

Kate x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

.What's In My Bag?.

Hello everybody,

Slightly random, non beauty related blog post today. I love watching YT videos of girls revealing what they carry around in their handbag. As I don't have a YT channel, I decided to blog about it. Not sure how well it will translate, but here we go...

The handbag I am using at the moment is my Mulberry Bayswater in Oak leather. If you are looking to purchase an expensive handbag, I thoroughly recommend this bag. It's beautifully made, just the right size and it smells amazing! Can't beat that new leather smell. I am somewhat of a bag girl, shoes and clothes will forever take a backseat to a lovely handbag, and my collection so far includes Louis Vuitton, See By Chloe, Chanel and my Mulberry. I don't use any other handbags. I am aware some people think it is crazy to spend so much on handbags, but for the amount of times I use them and for how well they last, I think it is totally worth it. I have had my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 since I was 17, and it is still in amazing condition even after being slightly mistreated in the past!

Mulberry Bayswater//Oak Leather//Larger size.

Here's some pictures of 'what's in my bag'...

♥♥ Louis Vuitton 'Sarah' purse - Bought this with money my Granny gave me for my 18th birthday.
♥♥ 'One Day' by David Nicholls - I have just started this book, enjoying it so far.
♥♥ Moleskine notebook - I love keeping this in my bag to jot things down that I think of throughout the day. There is something lovely about having a notebook and not just using the 'notebook' application on your Blackberry.

Random pocket items...

♥♥ Pen - Goes hand in hand with my notebook.
♥♥ Nail file - In case of any nail emergencies on the go.
♥♥ Clinique Chubby Stick - Handy design to keep in your bag for touch ups and to keep your lips moisturised with a lovely tint.
♥♥ Tom Ford Lipstick - This is my lippie of choice at the moment, it changes alot however.
♥♥ Plasters - In case of any blisters/cuts that may occur - In the Brownies we were taught this haha.
♥♥ Paracetamol/Ibuprofen - Self explanatory.

♥♥ Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (potted version) - Absolute handbag essential.
♥♥ Mitchum deodorant - Need I say more?
♥♥ Tangle Teezer - I have owned this for over a year, but have only just discovered how fab it really is. My hair is getting relatively long now and this detangles it like a dream!
♥♥ LV purse - as before.
♥♥ L'Occitane 'clean hands' gel - This beautiful lavender scented gel keeps my hands clean when there's not a sink and soap available.
♥♥ Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder Compact - I always carry a powder in my handbag in case of shine problems. Depending on the depth of my tan, it is either this or MAC Mineral Skin Finish.
♥♥ Moleskine notebook - As before.
♥♥ McVities Medley bar - These are SO GOOD! Try them.
♥♥ Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir - My perfume of choice at the moment. I love the size and shape of this bottle as it doesn't take up much room in your bag.

Not pictured, but always in my bag:

♥♥ My Blackberry Torch.
♥♥ My car keys.
♥♥ My camera - Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10
♥♥ Glamour magazine.
♥♥ Compact mirror.

Hope this post isn't too boring for you! What essentials do you always have in your bag?

Kate x

Saturday, 20 August 2011


I have never been a high maintenance hair girl, however I do tend to use high end hair products. The amount of money I must have wasted before I discovered Moroccanoil actually makes me feel abit sick when I think of it.

Before I start, my hair is pretty normal. I used to be blonde *shudder* with dry and porous rat tails, but since going back to my natural brunette locks, my hair has slowly but surely been getting healthier and growing quicker - Hurray all round! I used to wash it every single day but now I only wash it 4 times a week, and it doesn't get greasy unless I leave it for a good few days.

I discovered Moroccanoil in May last year, before I went on holiday and I have never looked back. No other hair product has touched my head since, hairspray not included obviously. I now use only four products in my hair care routine: Redken Shampoo & Conditioner and the two products I am going to talk about today... Moroccanoil Original and Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask.

Moroccanoil 100ml approx £30//Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask 250ml approx £23

The most important ingredient in Moroccanoil is the new haircare craze ingredient - Argen Oil. Now, i'm not sure what it does or the scientific reasons behind it, but it is bloody amazing. I am aware that there are now lots of products on the market nowadays with Argen Oil in, and for a cheaper price, but I have become attached to Moroccanoil. It's like my hair comfort blanket. If any of you girls have tried the high street versions though, do let me know how you've gotten on.

Moroccanoil Original:  First of all, let me say I bought this in May 2010, and I still have about quarter of the bottle left. It is amazing value for money (plus, I got it for £20 - hairdresser pricing error - WIN). When I wash my hair, I use about a 5p blob and run it through my damp hair, focusing on the ends. Even though it's an oil, I do rub it into the roots too - It may be an oil, but use the right amount and you will not get greasy hair. The result is super soft, super shiny, manageable hair. It is also meant to reduce drying time, which I think it may do slightly, but not significantly. I know that some girls use it on dry hair, but I don't feel my hair is dry enough anymore to do that. The one gripe I have with this product is that it's a pouring bottle, so control of dispensing isn't too great - I will say now however, it now comes with a pump which makes it the perfect product now! The treatment smells amazing too, and all the Moroccanoil products have the same smell - It lingers on your hair too, and it's almost good enough to eat - I have been caught smelling my hair/demanding my friends smell my hair. The main thing I have noticed since using this product is the reduction in split ends. I used to suffer terribly from them, and by the time I needed a haircut the lengths of my hair were broken and uneven, resulting in the horrible look of really thin and straggly hair. I now barely notice any split ends and even after 8 weeks, the lengths of my hair are even, thick and blunt. I can't imagine not using this product and thought I should do a single post on it otherwise it would end up in every single one of my monthtly favourite posts.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask: I bought this after my hairdresser used it on me as a treatment in the salon. My hair not only smelt incredible but it was soft, totally tangle free and the shiniest it has ever been. Even now after using it, people comment on how shiny my hair is - and I silently thank this little baby. It is a thick conditioning treatment that I use once a week, normally on a Sunday when i'm spoiling myself with a hot bubble bath and a face mask. I spread it through all of my hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. The minute you start rinsing you can feel the smooth-ness of your hair. It's also great if you're going out on a night out and are aiming for a sleek and straight look. This is me after using the treatment before a night out in Manchester...

It comes in a tub, like so...

All in all, I love Moroccanoil. Very much. And even though it is expensive, I have saved so much money on hair products and it has totally simplified my haircare routine - always a plus for somebody that likes to spend as much time on their makeup as possible!

Thanks for reading and please don't forget to follow me on twitter: @katelambie

Kate x

Saturday, 13 August 2011

.July Favourites.

Better late than never, that's what I like to say! Plus, the boyfriend has taken over the Sky box today due to the football season starting again - whoop dee doo. So what a perfect time to do some blogging. Without further ado, here are some of my favourite products from the month of July.

Shu Uemera Skin Purifier: This is a simply gorgeous cleansing oil. I originally had the Skin Purifier for combo/oily skin a few years ago, but looking back I don't think it was entirely suitable, as my skin is much more 'normal to slightly dry'. I purchased this one which is suitable for all skin types. I feel this turns cleansing from a chore to a luxury. It practically dissolves your makeup off your face, including eye makeup & waterproof mascara. For the last few months I was loyal to Bioderma, but began to notice the skin around my eyes was getting quite dry and my (very) fine lines were looking more like wrinkles than usual and this made me decide to go back to using this. It's incredibly moisturising and leaves your skin supple and comfortable. I only use it in the evenings, because my Liz Earle cleanse and polish does a fine job in the morning on my bare face. In the evenings I use this as a pre-cleanse and then use my Liz Earle for my second cleanse. (£28 for 150ml, £56.50 for 450ml)

Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder no.52: I think this was one of the first bronzers I purchased, and I have gone back... So glad I did. Not only does it look like a chocolate bar, smells divine and is quite good value (£6.99) it really is a lovely bronzer. I am not a fan of shimmery bronzers, and this Bourjois one has only tiny particles of shimmer. I would say it is much more of a matte than shimmer, so it's perfect for adding colour but also contouring your face. It also comes in three shades, so really you could buy all three for the price of one luxury brand bronzer, when really I think this gives most of them a run for their money!

Leighton Denny Glass Nail File: I have owned this for about three years and found it in my vast makeup drawer a couple of months ago. I always have it in my handbag, because I know it's not just me that can't stand having a snagged nail when you're out and about. I really like glass nail files, because they last you forever. This has never damaged my nails and it comes in a little case to keep it protected when you just lob it in your handbag.  Two thumbs/nails up for this!

MAC Satin Powder Blush in Well Dressed: I must have worn this blush for 90% of the days in July. I adore blushes, but this is always the one I go back to. It is such a pretty dusky pink colour with a very subtle shimmer to it. I don't find I like it as much when i'm pale, but when i'm tanned, it's very flattering. MAC blushes will always be up there with my favourite brands, and this blush cements my feelings for them.

Louise Young LY38 Tapered Shadow Brush: Alot of you blogging ladies will be familiar with Louise Young brushes, due to the girls at Pixiwoo... (They were trained by Louise Young, who has now brought out a range of brushes and palettes). This brush is a dream. It is insanely perfect to apply shadow into the crease of your socket, as I find alot of brushes are too large to do it as acurately as I like it. The bristles are so soft and it is a joy to use. I will definitely be purchashing more Louise Young brushes. This brush cost me £17, and I think they're competitively priced comparing them to MAC, NARS and Laura Mercier brushes.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Woppin' Watermelon: I'm not ashamed to admit that I only bought this product due to it's name - chubby is such a cute word, however if anyone described me as chubby, my opinion would quickly change. Even though I bought this tinted lip balm on a whim due to it's name, I really do love this product. It is really well packaged, like a pen design, with a twisting mechanism to dispense product. This is perfect when you're on the go, as you're not getting any product on your fingers. It gives a lovely pink, glossy tint to the lips and I feel it does do a nice job of moisturising. I'm thinking of getting a few more in different shades.

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15: I know i'm feauturing two lip balms on my July favourites, but I really have used these two balms to death in the last few months. I use this morning and night. It forms a perfect base for my lip makeup, and keeps my lips nourished throughout the night. I really struggle with chapped, sore lips through the Winter months and I think I will need a more heavy duty product for then (Elizabeth 8 Hour Cream, i'm talking about you), but for the spring and summer months this has been perfect. It really is a 'balmy' lip balm, and sinks in, not leaving a horrible residue like some do.

Boots Hair Doughnut: Slightly random hair product, but I really like using a hair doughnut to put my hair up into a classy, 'done' looking bun. So simple to use, but very effective.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair: I actually bought this for my mum for her birthday at the beginning of July, but asked the girl if she could give me a sample to try. I know it's meant to be an anti-ageing serum, but the sales assistant told me the sooner you start using it, the more effective it is. She also told me it is the only serum that penetrates into the skin past the first top layer, really getting down into your skin and repairing any damage. I love using this product and my skin really thanks me for it. Every morning when I wake up after using it the night before, my skin looks refreshed and the pigmentation I have on one of my cheeks looks alot less. Expensive, but I think it's worth it as it lasts an age. (However I might be cheeky and use Mum's until payday!)

Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder: I bought this a couple of months ago, and I really enjoy using it. It is an extremely finely milled loose powder and the colour of it is totally white. You need a tiny tiny amount and I sweep it all over my face after my foundation application. I am really not a powder kind of girl therefore I am a huge fan of the dewy, healthy glowy look. This delivers it, as well as setting your makeup, 'blurring' fine lines and giving your foundation a naturally done look. If you have oily skin, you will need to carry a compact around with you however, as it doesn't set mine for the whole day. I still love it though and my makeup routine isn't complete without it.

MAC Velvet Eyeshadow in Mulch: This is my favourite MAC shade, along with Antiqued. I have been wearing this alone on my eye alot this month. It is the perfect shade to wear alone, when you don't want to be blending thoroughly and adding other colours to your crease. I apply it all over the lid and then blend out with my MAC 217 brush for a soft smoky brown eye. It is a really flattering shade, and not too gold/brown (that is the problem I have with Woodwinked). I am positive this will be staying in my makeup bag for the forseeable future.

Kate x

Monday, 8 August 2011


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I can't say i'm the most exciting person, but it keeps you up to date with my goings on!

.School Of Makeup.

Afternoon! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.
I don't know if this will interest any of you, but i'm really looking forward to it and felt the need to share.
I mentioned in my first ever post that I am currently working in admin, but come September would be going off to study Media Makeup and Hairstyling.
I start my course on September 12th and it's six months of intensive learning and work. But I really cannot wait.
If any of you fancy having a nosey, the website can be found here and their Facebook page can be found here

Even if you're not interested in studying makeup, both sites have some really good information and amazing pictures to look at.

I'm really looking forward to updating you all on my time at the school, as for the many years I have longed to train in the art of makeup, I could never find a blog documenting somebody's time whilst learning it.


Saturday, 6 August 2011

.Random London Pictures.

Here are some touristy pictures of mum and I on our recent London trip!
Enjoy, love Kate x

Still amazes me that you can actually charge a car!

Covent Garden

London Skyline at night

The Queen's gaff - Inside was beyond amazing!

Outside Buckingham Palace

Me and my lovely Mum x


Strawberries and Cream in the Queen's back garden - How civilised.

Buckingham Palace's garden - HUGE.

Back of the palace

I was lucky enough to go to the Buckingham Palace tour of the state rooms, and of course to see Princess Kate's dress, shoes, earrings and wedding cake! It was beautiful and the craftsmanship is incredible! I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

.London Trip With Mum.

Mum and I took our yearly shopping/pampering trip to London last week, and as ever I loved it.

When? 27th - 29th July.
Where did you stay? Mint Hotel Tower of London

I have to say, I really did not buy as much as I normally do! Although I still managed to buy rather a lot - What sort of shopaholic would I be if I didn't buy a few things?!

1. Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream: Really lovely hydrating eye cream. I feel it has really targeted my fine lines and bags within a week of using it.
2. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne: A beautiful fruity fragrance with a musky sensual undertone - perfect day to night fragrance, and now constantly in my handbag due to it's perfect slim line shape.
3&4. TOM FORD Lip Colour in Blush Nude: Oh my Goodness! Okay, okay it was £36 (SCREAM!) but I promise you it's worth it. Creamy, long lasting, pigmented lip colour. Doesn't stick to any dry patches and lasts a fair while too.
5. Topshop beaded slingback sandals: These are so cute and very comfy £15 for Toppers is quite reasonable too I think!
6. Topshop Navy and Burgundy polka dot blouse: I saw this and had to have it. I love blouses, I think they add a feminine touch to any outfit and this is just gorgeous. £38.50
7. Ella's Bakehouse (Covent Garden) cupcakes: One word... YUM!
8&9. Mulberry Bayswater in Oak: Okay, so I didn't actually buy this. Mum and Dad, who are amazing beyond words, treated me to it for my 21st birthday, which, granted is not until November, but mum wanted to take me to the Mulberry shop on Bond Street, for the whole experience. I am absolutely thrilled with it. I have a bit of a designer bag addiction, and obviously don't buy them all the time so I was like a kid in a sweet shop getting this!

I bought a few more things too, such as the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I absolutely adore, and some makeup brushes which I haven't taken pics of... FYI: MAC 217, Louise Young thin liner and Louise Young Eyelid Crease brush. All of these brushes are fantastic and you can buy them online, or at Harvey Nichols around the country.

Thanks so much for reading, follow me on twitter! @katelambie

Loads of love, Kate xxxx

PS. I will do a separate post with some touristy sight seeing pics of me and mum x

.Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation.

You can probably guess from the title, the foundation in question is Illamasqua's new formula, Skin Base Foundation.
This product was released a few weeks ago, and as far as I know it has created a huge storm in the beauty industry. I really wanted to try it straight away, but had no idea what shade I would be, so the minute I got to London I hit Selfridges to get colour matched. Adam Sidwell (international makeup artist who has worked alongside the Pussycat Dolls and has done shoots for Vogue and Elle - impressive! And he was so lovely - always a plus point!) colour matched me to shade 11.

First thing's first, here is Illamasqua's description from their site:

'Inspired by the cult Asian market Beauty Balm creams, Skin Base Foundation is a brand new, refined formula unlike anything on the UK market. Easily blendable, it effortlessly creates a perfect complexion, and like the entire Illamasqua foundation range, is undetectable in a professional HD environment. Suitable for all skin types, it smoothes, softens and conditions your skin whilst providing natural, buildable coverage.'

And here is what the packaging looks like:

I really and truly can say this is, hands down, the best foundation I have used since I discovered Estee Lauder's Double Wear a good three years ago. And I will 100% not be using anything else for a long time.

The foundation comes in 18 different shades so you are sure to find one suitable to your skin. I am seriously contemplating buying the whole range when I am qualified - that's how much I like it. Skin base has a gel like texture which I really like, and find quite unique compared to other foundations on the market - maybe that's where the Beauty Balm comparison is coming from? I can't stand runny foundations. You put this on the back of your hand for application and it's not going anywhere. I also really like the packaging - it is a transparent tube, so easy dispensing plus you can tell when you're running low.

I apply it using Illamasqua's 'Blusher Brush 1' which I love for this. It blends and buffs it in like a dream and you really do end up with a flawless finish. I haven't used a primer once and I wore it powder-less all day in London and it still looked pretty good by the end of alot of shopping and tube hopping. I don't need to touch up through the day - I find if I buff my brush over my face halfway through the day it evens out any shiny patches (I have noticed around my mouth is the only place this fades?! Probably me eating too much... haha.)

How do I apply?

- Cleanse, tone and moisturise (ALWAYS do this, no matter what foundation you use).
- Dispense a baked bean size blob on back of hand.
- Using Illamasqua Blusher Brush 1, pick some of the product up and dot over face, cheeks first.
- Swirl and buff foundation into the skin until it is undetectable... Trust me, with this foundation it is undetectable, it just looks beautiful on your skin.

Easy peasy!

Unlike Double Wear, it comes off as easily as it goes on and looks amazing in photographs! I love foundations that look good in photos, and seeing as Illamasqua is designed for HD environments, I only expect the best. The lack of SPF obviously helps this too - no white masks in photos - Hurrah. Here are a couple of pictures of me wearing the foundation - no photoshopping or anything...

Sorry for the random type of photographs, but I thought it best because they were all taken in different lights! As for my lovely friend Sally's 'Chauffer' hat - She is a hero...

The only think I would maybe not agree with, is the fact they are trying to market this as a beauty balm... It is 100% a foundation. And an extremely wonderful one at that, but I would not say it is Beauty Balm. I am not complaining however and my mum did actually ask me this morning if I even had makeup on because my skin looked 'so natural' - always a lovely thing to hear.

I paid £25 for my Skin Base Foundation, and as far as I am concerned I will purchase it for that price again and again. Sorrys NARS Sheer Glow, you've been demoted to the makeup draw for the forseeable future!

Thankyou for reading guys, hope this isn't too 'rambly'! Loads of love, Kate.xx

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