Sunday, 25 September 2011

.In & Out.

Having a lazy evening and just realised it's very nearly the end of September. How time flies! So without further ado here are my September 'ins and outs'...


1. Learning: Never thought I would say that. Ever in my life! Even when I was at college doing beauty therapy, I remember waking up with that feeling of dread in the morning - and it's never nice. Now, even when my alarm goes off at 6.30am, I know i'm going to have a fun filled day with my new classmates, who are now my new friends. I am so happy at The School of Make Up.

Two of my SOM ladies, Chelsey and Olivia

2. Getting flowers: I came home from college one night, feeling pretty tired and a little bit crappy. Then my lovely boyfriend Tom came through the door with a bottle of wine, a massive bar of galaxy and a lovely bunch of flowers. Instantly cheered up! I have never had flowers bought for me before and it just made me feel all happy inside. Needless to say, the chocolate and wine were swiftly demolished.

3. Downton Abbey: Oh God how I do love a period drama! Well I thought I didn't, and then I saw the season two advert... Which made me cry. So I thought I have to watch season one, as it obviously had such an impact on me. What a saddo! But yes, I absolutely love Downton. It has the perfect balance between humour and history, and Maggie Smith is just hysterical in it. Even if you don't think you'll enjoy an 'old fashioned' drama, I suggest you give it a chance.

4. MAC Dollymix Blush: I purchased this off the Debenhams website when they had one of their 10% off offers on. As much as I love MAC products, I think £17 for a blush is totally insane. I'm sure when I started buying MAC they were about £13.50?! Sad, sad times. On a brighter note, Dollymix is such a lovely lovely bright barbie pink shade with a subtle shimmer to it. It looks massively bright in the pot, but it is quite sheer when applied which I really like. It has been my 'go to' blush this month.



1. Eating healthily: Let's face it. It's no fun! Bring on the fat! I used to try to eat healthily, but the more I deprived myself, the more I craved bad food! I do eat rather well throughout the week, then have a naughty little weekend. It's the only way! At the moment, my weakness is chocolate - Galaxy and Twirls to be precise!

2. Rude people: Bit of a random 'out', but since i've been getting the train every day to college I notice these things. So many people are extremely rude on the train. Whether it be to the conductor or another passenger. Manners cost nothing! I understand that some people want to get home after a hard days work, but don't take minor delays out on everyone else. Keep calm and carry on.

3. Tom working weekends: I'm very proud of Tom. He recently got a job at Citroen in car sales. But sales jobs tend to mean working on weekends. And he has been doing alot of that recently! On the plus side it gives me time to catch up on blogs, sorting out my make up scrapbook and reading through my notes of the week. But it does still make me sad!

4. Kitty on the X Factor: She has had maximum exposure, this weekend especially and it has just heightened my dislike for her! She's just one of 'those' kind of people. Who, because they can sing, think they are some kind of superhuman. It's okay for Lady Gaga... Not you Kitty. Plus £2000 for that outfit?! Was she drunk?!! It did light up though... I'll give her that.

5. House sale fall through: In my last 'in and out' post, I mentioned we had sold our house. Well, the buyer pulled out, which was hard on all of us, as we had put an offer in on a house we liked which had been accepted. Luckily they have now taken the house off the market until next year, so there's still hope! Also, i'm secretly quite glad we'll have another Christmas here, because my house is the most perfect place in the world at Christmas time :). Here are some pictures to get me all excited about December 25th...

My snowy boy in the snow
Getting Pixie in the Christmas spirit.

My house in the snow

Kate x

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