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.Forty Beauty Questions.

Hello girls! These sort of things are always fun to do, and I borrowed this post off Billie's Beauty Blog - Hope you don't mind Billie! She's got a lovely blog so go and check it out.

If any of you want to take this off my blog, feel free! I love to read these kind of things.


How many times do you wash your face daily? I wash my face twice a day, morning and night. When I say face, I mean my face, neck and decolletage. In the morning I will only do a single cleanse, but in the evening I do a double cleanse to make sure I remove every trace of makeup before bed.

What skin type do you have? I have normal skin. I am very lucky in regards to my skin. I have never suffered from breakouts, I get the odd spot now and again and sometimes I get a slight bit of dry skin, especially in the Winter.

What is your favourite cleanser? I have two. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and Shu Uemera Skin Purifying Oil cleanser. I used to be a face wipe girl through and through when I was younger, but as I have got older, I have realised that wipes do not remove all the makeup that has gathered in your pores throughout the day. I use SU cleanser only at night to remove the bulk of my makeup followed by the Liz Earle, and I only use the Liz Earle in the morning.

Do you exfoliate? Yes I do. I exfoliate twice a week.

What brand do you use? I use Estee Lauder Idealist Skin Refinishing Treatment. It's a lovely self heating mask/exfoliator that you leave on for five minutes. It's very gentle on my skin too, as I hate harsh scrubs.

What moisturiser do you use? At the moment, I am using a mixture. I have recently had a patch of dry skin on my cheek and until that went I was using Liz Earle moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin. I'm now using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser and three times a week I will use The Sanctuary Facial Oil overnight which is amazing.

Do you have freckles? Yes! My face is covered in them! Mum and Dad are scottish so I am quite fair and freckly.

Do you use eye cream? Yes, I use Origin's Ginzing eye cream in the mornings to wake my face up abit. I don't use a night eye cream, if anybody has any good recommendations please let me know!

Do you or did you have acne prone skin? Very luckily, no.

Did you ever have to use Pro-Activ? No.

Make Up.

What foundation do you use? This totally depends on what sort of finish I want to create, however my favourites at the moment are Illamasqua Skin Base and MAC Face and Body. (Tip: Mixed together they are gorgeous!)

How about concealer? I don't use a concealer on a daily basis, mainly because all I ever need to cover normally is any shadows under my eyes and my Skinbase does that perfectly. If I have a breakout I will use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.
What do you think of false eyelashes? Love them! Not keen on the mega mega false lashes - Eyelure 101s are my favourite.

Do you know your undertone? Yes, I have warm undertones.

Did you know you're supposed to change your mascara every three months? Yes I did know that, I tend to finish them before three months though! Or i'll go by the 'popping' sound of the mascara. The minute it stops making that popping noise when it comes out the tube it needs changing! Also, if you've had a contagious eye infection you should replace your mascara.

What brand of mascara do you use? I am a huge fan of high street/drugstore mascara. Maybelline Falsies and Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara are my favourites.

Sephora or MAC? MAC, due to there not being a Sephora in the UK.

Do you have a MAC PRO card? No I don't, but I will soon - YAY!

What make up tools do you use in application? A mixture of brushes, and Shu Uemera Eyelash Curlers are a make up must!

Do you use a primer for eyes? Yes, I use Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Do you use a primer for face? No.

What is your favourite eye shadow? I have two that I can't choose between, and they are both MAC - Mulch and Antiqued.

Do you use pencil or liquid liner? I use pencil and gel - liquid is daunting!

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? Erm... Never?! I do poke my eye with my mascara wand quite regularly though!

What do you think of pigment eye shadows? I don't own many but I love the colour pay off they provide.

What is your favourite lipstick? Oh I have so many! Plus they change so often. At the moment my favourite lippie is Shy Girl by MAC.

Do you use mineral make up? Not anymore. I used to use Bare Minerals foundation which was lovely!

How about lipgloss? I'm not sure if this means mineral or just in general? Generally, I love lipgloss. Normally over lipstick or lipliner though. I lean towards lipstick more so, as I believe it gives you a more polished look.

What is your favourite blusher to use? If I want a dewy natural glow, I will use Bobbi Brown Cream blushers, but normally MAC blushers are my go to ones. My favourite at the moment is Springsheen, but it depends on how tanned I am.

Do you buy your make up off eBay? No, just because I know there are alot of fake products out there - especially brushes!

Do you like high street make up? Yes! I think nowadays, high street makeup has really stepped up it's game! I love Bourjois, Maxfactor and Maybelline - I am dying to try Sleek as well.

Do you shop at CCOs? I don't know what that is?! So no.

Did you ever consider taking make up classes? Well i'm starting my training to become a MUA and Hairstylist in less than two weeks, so yes :)

Are you clumsy at applying make up? Depends how tired I am! Not normally though.

Name a make up crime you hate. Girls, young girls especially, that wear foundation on their lips as 'lipstick' - EURGH!

Do you like colourful shades of make up? On the lips, yes. On the eyes, no.

Which celebrity always has nice make up? Kim Kardashian - she is a living doll.

If you could leave the house using just one product, what would it be? Definitely mascara.

Could you ever leave the house with no make up on? Yes! For me, make up is fun. I like applying it and finding new products and creating new looks. The day I have to rely on make up to make me feel worthy of leaving the house is the day it will become a chore for me and I will no longer enjoy using it.

Do you think you look good without make up on?  Depends on whether i'm having a bad face day or not!

In your opinion, what is the best make up brand? MAC and Illamasqua.

Random: I am just reading the article in Hello! magazine about Kim Kardashians wedding. I would like to say... I LOVE HER! She is so beautiful. Although Khloe is the funniest!

Have a good day!

Kate x


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