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I have never been a high maintenance hair girl, however I do tend to use high end hair products. The amount of money I must have wasted before I discovered Moroccanoil actually makes me feel abit sick when I think of it.

Before I start, my hair is pretty normal. I used to be blonde *shudder* with dry and porous rat tails, but since going back to my natural brunette locks, my hair has slowly but surely been getting healthier and growing quicker - Hurray all round! I used to wash it every single day but now I only wash it 4 times a week, and it doesn't get greasy unless I leave it for a good few days.

I discovered Moroccanoil in May last year, before I went on holiday and I have never looked back. No other hair product has touched my head since, hairspray not included obviously. I now use only four products in my hair care routine: Redken Shampoo & Conditioner and the two products I am going to talk about today... Moroccanoil Original and Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask.

Moroccanoil 100ml approx £30//Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask 250ml approx £23

The most important ingredient in Moroccanoil is the new haircare craze ingredient - Argen Oil. Now, i'm not sure what it does or the scientific reasons behind it, but it is bloody amazing. I am aware that there are now lots of products on the market nowadays with Argen Oil in, and for a cheaper price, but I have become attached to Moroccanoil. It's like my hair comfort blanket. If any of you girls have tried the high street versions though, do let me know how you've gotten on.

Moroccanoil Original:  First of all, let me say I bought this in May 2010, and I still have about quarter of the bottle left. It is amazing value for money (plus, I got it for £20 - hairdresser pricing error - WIN). When I wash my hair, I use about a 5p blob and run it through my damp hair, focusing on the ends. Even though it's an oil, I do rub it into the roots too - It may be an oil, but use the right amount and you will not get greasy hair. The result is super soft, super shiny, manageable hair. It is also meant to reduce drying time, which I think it may do slightly, but not significantly. I know that some girls use it on dry hair, but I don't feel my hair is dry enough anymore to do that. The one gripe I have with this product is that it's a pouring bottle, so control of dispensing isn't too great - I will say now however, it now comes with a pump which makes it the perfect product now! The treatment smells amazing too, and all the Moroccanoil products have the same smell - It lingers on your hair too, and it's almost good enough to eat - I have been caught smelling my hair/demanding my friends smell my hair. The main thing I have noticed since using this product is the reduction in split ends. I used to suffer terribly from them, and by the time I needed a haircut the lengths of my hair were broken and uneven, resulting in the horrible look of really thin and straggly hair. I now barely notice any split ends and even after 8 weeks, the lengths of my hair are even, thick and blunt. I can't imagine not using this product and thought I should do a single post on it otherwise it would end up in every single one of my monthtly favourite posts.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask: I bought this after my hairdresser used it on me as a treatment in the salon. My hair not only smelt incredible but it was soft, totally tangle free and the shiniest it has ever been. Even now after using it, people comment on how shiny my hair is - and I silently thank this little baby. It is a thick conditioning treatment that I use once a week, normally on a Sunday when i'm spoiling myself with a hot bubble bath and a face mask. I spread it through all of my hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. The minute you start rinsing you can feel the smooth-ness of your hair. It's also great if you're going out on a night out and are aiming for a sleek and straight look. This is me after using the treatment before a night out in Manchester...

It comes in a tub, like so...

All in all, I love Moroccanoil. Very much. And even though it is expensive, I have saved so much money on hair products and it has totally simplified my haircare routine - always a plus for somebody that likes to spend as much time on their makeup as possible!

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Kate x


  1. i really like your blog, you look pretty :)
    i want to try moroccanoil, too, because it seems to really fight frizz :D

  2. Hi Kate,
    I really enjoy reading your blog and have given you a Blog Award :)

  3. @Imke: Thank you doll, that's really lovely of you! And even though i've never really had many problems with frizz, my hairdresser swears by it for that! xx

    @Cara: You are such a sweetie! I will do my post sometime this week :) Thanks so much xx

  4. Your hair looks lovely and smooth :) I'll have to try some moroccan oil. Also, where did you get your shoes? they are lovely :) xxx

  5. Thank you Saffie, it really helps to smooth it and keeps it so shiny! My shoes are Topshop :)

    Kate x