Sunday, 28 August 2011

.In & Out.

I'm having such a lazy weekend and it's so lovely! Here is a quick post with August's 'Ins and Outs'...


1. Homemade food: I love to cook, especially hearty meals and puddings. Recently I cooked my first Sunday roast and it was amazing - hell yeah i'm blowing my own trumpet! But Mum did help... Thanks Mum! I have also made two lovely fruit crumbles within about a week - perfect for the impending Winter months. I am beginning to feel like a Desperate Housewive!

2. Gossip Girl Season Four: Ahhhh Blair & Serena. Unfortunately, I always seem to miss GG on ITV2 when it airs. Fortunately, this means I get the boxset and have lots and lots of Upper East Side drama and glamour to catch up on, which I have been doing for two weeks now... Bring on season five!

3. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: I know this has been forever a staple of most beauty bloggers, but i'm new and clearly behind the times on cleansers. I used to be a Johnson's baby wipe kinda gal, but now there is no turning back for me. This stuff is so amazing and my skin actually loves me for using it. Review will follow when I have used it long enough to justify a proper review (I have been using it for about a month). So far, so good, and I can't see it leaving my bathroom cabinet for a long time.

4. Gin and Juice: I feel very 'Snoop Dogg' saying that. I will specify that it is Gin and Orange juice. Such a nice change to my usual white wine spritzer/Vodka and orange juice.

5. Future plans: This week has been a slight whirlwind. I left my job, in preparation for my makeup course, our house finally sold, after being on the market for a year, AND we had an offer accepted on a house! It's bittersweet, as it has been my home since I was four, seventeen years this November. I will miss it so so much. It was the perfect house to grow up in, right in the middle of the country, with field after field to roam in and paddocks that allowed me to have a pony - lifelong dream. Herbie will still be mine and will be moving home, he's part of the furniture. It's also exciting as it's a new chapter in my life AND the decorating ideas have gone into overdrive!


1. The Football Season: Like many girls around the country, I recently lost my Boyfriend Tom on a Sat & Sun to the 'beautiful' game. Zzzzz. On the plus side, I can scour as many blogs as I like and watch as many YT vids as I want :)

2. Packing: With every house sale, comes alot of packing. One word - ARGH! I'm glad I was four when we last moved, Mum and Dad did it all. And I must've had ALOT of Barbies! I have so much junk, and in my 'makeup drawer' I came across six Rimmel Sunshimmers - I need help.

3. First day nerves: I start at The School of Makeup on Sept 12th, and I am really nervous, like a little kid waiting to go back to school. I know i'll be fine once I start, but you can't help that butterfly feeling.

4. Being unemployed: Due to my course, I obviously won't have a job for six months. This is no fun for me after having a relatively well paid job for the past two years. Mum and I are off to Manchester shopping next week with my last wage - sob - and I have a list as long as my arm.

5. August weather: I'm all for winter weather. There's nothing better than snuggling up with a hot chocolate and putting your UGG's on for a walk in the snow. But it's August. AUGUST. Shame on you, UK weather.

I'm off to see The Inbetweeners movie tonight! Heard good things about it, have any of you guys seen it?

Kate x

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  1. Ah I so agree with you about the weather! The more it absolutely thrashes it down the better! X