Thursday, 1 September 2011

.Shopping #1.

I went to Manchester today with my Mum, mainly to pick up some Winter clothes for college. I did, however, manage to pick up some beauty finds too, naturally!

MAC Glaze lipstick in 'Hue'.
MAC Satin blush in 'Fleur Power'
MAC Frost blush in 'Margin'
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All in One BB Cream in 'Medium'
MAC Eye Kohl in 'Teddy'.
Sleek Nude Collection blush in 'Suede'
Sleek Eyeshadow palette x2 - 'Storm' and 'Au Naturel' (Nude Collection)

Hue Lipstick: This has been all over all the blogs I have been reading of late, so I decided to try it out! It's a lovely shade, quite a sheer peachy pink, leaning more towards the peach colour spectrum. Compared to my other favourite MAC lippie, Shy Girl, it's much more sheer coverage, but I like that because I can build it up if I want or just pop some liner on underneath to make it more pigmented.

Fleur Power: This is a beautiful shade, described on the MAC website as 'a soft bright pinkish-coral'. I can't really describe this any better than that to be honest! I have used it yet, but if it sits as well on my skin as 'Well Dressed' does (which is also a satin finish), I will be super happy! I like having lots of blushes to choose from, and seeing as it's a matte finish I can mix it with my shimmer blushes to create new colours and finishes.

Margin: The love for this blusher is thanks to my best friend Cassie, who loves it, and her make up always looks beautiful. So I just had to have it, obviously. MAC describes it as 'peach with gold shimmer'. I'm not one for shimmer blushes but this is a peachy enough colour to also use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones. I do think this blush would be suited to skin that is more tanned, but if you use a light enough hand it would look okay on fairer skin. I have a feeling using Fleur Power and Margin is going to be my new fave combo!

Garnier BB Cream: So the infamous Blemish Balms have finally hit the UK, and I picked this up in Superdrug on offer for £7.99. I'm really interested to see how this works for me, and i'm planning on using it tomorrow. Illamasqua Skin Base, my foundation of choice, is way too heavy for a lazy day of make up wearing, and I really like the idea of putting this on straight after cleansing. The finish on the back of my hand is beautiful, and it's a lovely gel texture. I will review this as soon as I have a better idea of what the product is like.

The finish of Garnier BB cream - So far, so good.
Teddy: Gorgeous dark brown glittery eyeliner - I am a massive fan of brown smoky eyes and am really looking forward to using this!

Sleek Suede: Okay, so this blush is the dupe of Margin, but without the shimmer! And if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, go for it!! It's £13 cheaper - MAC, stop raising your prices, it's ridic. I really really like this blush (I mean the colour, as I haven't had the chance to use it yet). I think it'll be a lovely contour shade too.

Sleek Storm & Nude palette: Okay, finding the Nude palette took some dedication. I went to the Superdrug in the Arndale and the girl told me some woman comes in on launch day and buys ALL the Sleek palettes... Is she for real?! I went into another Superdrug before FINALLY finding a palette in the Picadilly Train Station Superdrug - For any Manc girls wanting this palette there were loads in today. The shades are so nice, the darker ones more so, as the light ones are not very highly pigmented. I have never used the Sleek shadows before, but since joining the blogging community I have read so many good things about them, so I was determined to seek these out. I also picked up the Storm palette, which is also quite neutral. I can't wait to try them!

Storm Palette

Nude Palette

I also got alot of clothes, let me know if you want to see them too! I'm never sure, as this is first and foremost a beauty blog! Hope you're all having a lovely week, i'm off out tomorrow night for my work leaving do and will be trying out the majority of these products so I will try to remember to do a FOTN post too! Please comment and let me know what you think of these kind of posts. Thanks girls.

Kate x


  1. Ah you got some lovely things! I love the look of MAC's Margin! Great post :) x

  2. Love the Sleek palettes! Never tried Sleek make up but looks gorgeous! x

  3. Thanks Corrie! I wore margin last night, it's a lovely blush. My next blusher purchase will be Dollymix :) x

    Nadine the Sleek palettes are lovely! Some really beautiful shades, and for £6.99 you can't really go wrong x

  4. Just came across your blog and love it! Myself being a huge Marilyn Monroe fan I love the photo at the top of your blog! This post is great and I will for sure have to check out some of the mac products :)

    - Sydney xo

  5. Thanks so much Sydney! Yes you must check them out they're gorgeous products!

    Kate x