Saturday, 24 September 2011

.Week Two at The School of Make Up.

Another busy week at The School of Make Up over and done with! Here's a low down for you...


Majorly tired on Monday, due to me being a lazy sod and laying in until 2.30 in the afternoon on Sunday, then spending the rest of the day in bed watching my Downton Abbey boxset. That meant not getting to sleep in the evening until past 1am. Yawn. Anyway, on Monday we met another tutor of ours, Emma, who was teaching us the basics of bridal make up and the start of tattoo cover up. Bridal make up is a bit of a funny one, as it's normally a natural look... But would you really try to tell a bride who wants smokey eyes with lashings of mascara that she can't have that for the most important day of her life? No, didn't think so. At the end of the day you do what the bride will be happy with, not what you view as your idea of perfect bridal make up. I am looking forward to doing bridal make up, because I am a sucker for weddings! Tattoo cover up is interesting too, and not as easy as you'd think... Lots of pinky based concealers, skin based concealers and stippling product on!


Sam was back today, and we had a really fun day! In the morning she did two demos on two of the girls - One Avant Garde and one High Fashion look. Avant Garde is a look that is unnatainable and that really pushes the boundaries... something you'd never normally wear ever. If you've never seen or researched any Avant Garde looks, google Alex Box - The woman is an artist! High fashion are looks that filter down into mainstream and can be adapted for normal day to day/evening wear.

Sam's High Fashion demo - Very Chanel A/W 2011 based.

Sam's Avant Garde demo.

Once the demos were done, we broke for lunch then had a go ourselves! Mine was based on a look I had seen in an old Vogue - Pale white face with a black 'visor' across the eyes. I do think it looked better in my head but never mind! Practice makes perfect :)

Olivia with my Avant Garde practice on her lovely little face.

We also went through the different types of eyeliner and had a play with all of them... I'll tell you one thing for free - I need practice with liquid! Gel for the win! Also girls, Sam uses Bourjois liquid liner, she says it's her favourite to use on shoots etc. (Plus it's only £5.99).
Today was a really fun day. I felt majorly sick, just generally fluey, but MUAs don't have time to be sick! So straight in we went to smokey eyes - Yay! I personally couldn't wait to learn how to do this, simply because I wear them alot and wanted to know how to do them 'properly'. I was also nervous though, just in case I couldn't do the one thing I really really wanted to be good at! Thankfully I didn't find it too difficult - Obviously I need practice but out of alot of things I found it okay. We did two different styles of smokey eye, round and winged. We used really dark colour so we could see exactly where we were going wrong - here are the pictures of my work on my partner for the day, Andrea...
Rounded smokey eye closed.

Rounded smokey eye open.

Winged smokey eye open.

Winged smokey eye closed.
I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday, and can't wait to use it on myself when I go out in Manchester this weekend with my make up girls :)
We used a lot of new Chanel goodies that Elaine had picked up at the weekend on this day - I was never aware how amazing Pro Lumiere is - How DARE they discontinue it! I will be stocking up! I also used the new Illusion D'Ombre shadows - Oh my! These are gorgeous, especially the black. I am in love. Quite pricey at £22.50, but in my eyes, worth it. All in all, Wednesday was a busy busy day, and needless to say I slept like a baby that evening!
We had the wonderful Jon again today, teaching us the art of body paint! I'm not very artistic, so this just isn't my cup of tea, but I loved watching him work his magic on one of my classmates, Jemma. The School of Make Up has a Youtube channel and you should check out this video, which AJ speeded up from the 1 and a half hour demo Jon did for us! Check it out here. If you don't fancy watching it, here is what Jon created...

He's amazing, yes?! And then, as usual, it was our turn to put our imagination to the test! I worked with Emma, and decided to base my look on a night sky. I did really like my end look, even though this is not an avenue I want to go down. It's very good for people who like letting their imagination run wild and like to design things from scratch. There are no rules in body painting.
Body paint practice - Black Chanel Illusion D'Ombre on the lids - GORGEOUS!
After doing this, I have alot of respect for body painters... It is such a tedious task, and to think some people paint whole bodies is just insane! But I still did really enjoy it.
Once again, we had Jon today. YAY for that. I really respect him and love the way he teaches. He's incredibly patient and very giving with advice. Anyhow, today was a day where we were given a brief to work off, I was really excited about this. I wanted something that would use all the skills I had learnt so far and really sink my teeth into. I was working with Chelsey today and I went first. My brief was...
- Flawless base
- Nude skin
- Heavy brows
- Bare lids and lower liner 
I was beyond happy with this. I had been reading the latest Grazia on the train in the way into college and had come across a beauty caption named 'do my brows look big in this?', with pictures of models at the recent Fashion Weeks with super thick brows and not much else. I was thinking on the train how much I would love to do that, as I have loved that look every time it features on the runway time and time again.
Working to a brief.
Chelsey did a super cool look on me too. Jon wanted her to do a doll look. He actually did Lily Cole's make up for the Moschino perfume advert that she was very 'dolly' in...
Jon's work.
Here is Chelsey's interpretation of a dolly look -  I loved it!!
Doll face.

Doll look - working to a brief.
Anyways, another week gone! 22 more to go. Three words - Bring. It. On.
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
Kate x


  1. Another great post Kate :) I love the weekly round up, so interesting :) x

  2. Thank you Corrie! I hope people enjoy them and don't find them too 'samey'!

    Kate xxx