Wednesday, 20 July 2011

.Never Fully Dressed - My Fail Safe Fashion Love.

So, as much as I love makep, fashion is a huge love of mine too. I feel without fashion, makeup just wouldn't go. They marry together perfectly.
I can't actually remember how I discovered this brand, but i'm extremely glad I did. I feel their designs are me, in clothing form. If you love feminine dresses, floaty material, quirky detailing and extremely flattering cuts, then you will love Never Fully Dressed as much as I do.

I bought two things a couple of months ago to kick start my collection. It was mainly because I was going out for my best friend Cassie's birthday in Birmingham, and ultimately I wanted to wear something different that noone else had.

I ended up buying the Lemon Bow Cuff dress and a sheer cream longline shirt with a belt tie. Unfortunately they don't have this on their site anymore :(

This is the Lemon Bow Cuff dress - words can't describe how much I love this.


I have always had such a thing for floaty, vintage looking dresses. Also, I have never been very keen on my arms, so long sleeves are a bonus!
I was thrilled when my delivery came within two days and was even more thrilled that I had decided to order this dress... I had originally only ordered the shirt dress, but I would say that has a more casual feel to it. (I tend to throw it on with skinny jeans and Leopard print wedges).
The buttercup dress is more dressy, but saying that I have worn it with jeans and it just makes you feel abit more 'done' for the daytime.

The material is beautiful, so light and comfortable to wear and the length and fit is very flattering. I love how Never Fully Dressed do a sort of 'one size fits most' thing - makes ordering very easy - no hmmm'ing and ahhhh'ing over whether i'd be an 8 or a 10 in their designs.

For £49, I think the dress is an amazing price, and I will 100% be wearing it again and again. The only thing I would say is that it's quite a sheer material (same for the cream shirt) but I just pop a little longline Topshop vest underneath if i'm not wearing trousers and Voila! It looks perfect.

You can check the many amazing designs out here - and I urge you to do so!

I have just purchased the Conker Pleat maxi for £49. Can't wait for it to come and I have a feeling this won't be the last NFD review I do.

They will carry you through all seasons and you will look gorgeous as they do!

Love Kate x


  1. RoAn, thank you so much :)

    Kate x

  2. I love, love, LOVE, your dress! It's so pretty and carefree.

    Sarah x

  3. Style Souk, thank you very much! It is so classic and comfortable. I just love the colour too!

    Kate x