Tuesday, 19 July 2011

.London Calling.

Hello girls, I am calling out for your help! Mum and I are going to London next Tuesday, mainly for shopping (obv), and also to see a show, legally blonde to be precise eeeek. Oh and i'm going to Buckingham Palace to see Princess Kate's wedding dress etc etc, after becoming a hardcore patriot of my country on April 29th. So all in all, very exciting times.

The reason behind this blog post is mum and I go to London alot, but always visit the same places - Selfridges, Oxford St, Bond St, Harrods and Harvey Nics. Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful, shiny and expensive places, but this time I really want to visit some different places. If you can think of any random shops, markets I would love you forever! Also, I adore Covent Garden so anywhere there would be a plus.

And it aint just shopping - Food is a huge part in my life, I love it. So any eateries for day and night will be more than appreciated!

Thanks girls, Love K



  1. Did you get to see Kate's dress? How did it look in 'real' life?

    Sarah x


  2. I sure did, trying not to sound like a crazy K.Mid fan - it was breathtakingly beautiful! And so tiny. They showed a video on how it was made, needles were replaced every three hours to keep them sharp and precise - If I had that sort of control I would have been bridezilla like no other!

    Kate x