Thursday, 22 December 2011

.Week Ten at the School of Make Up.

First off, please let me apologise for my huge failing recently on the blogging front! College got so crazy and I have been super busy I simply haven't had enough time to keep you all in the loop. Thankfully, i've now got two weeks off college over the Christmas period, so I have plenty of time to update the blog, and more importantly, update all my readers about my progress.

Week Ten.

At the end of week nine, we finished special effects, which I was quite sad about, as I really enjoyed it. Week ten was solely a practice week for us all to recap things we wanted to perfect, and also to go over the looks we were going to create for our theme day and portfolio week...

Theme day: Creating the make up and styling for a shoot shot on location. The school give the students £100 to go and put together an outfit for a brief they have come up with - our group decided on 'Hollywood Glamour'. Your look and make up was all your own choice, as it is what you see the brief as.

Portfolio week: Shot at the school. Four looks over four days with different models each time. The looks we were advised to do was one beauty look, a smokey eye, a fashion look and either another fashion look or a creative.

We had a whole week to go through each look with Jon, and discuss with him what we could change or improve with our chosen looks.

Theme day final look: Black smokey eye with purpley tones, flawless heavily contoured skin and pale, natural lips.
Porfolio week look #1: Beauty look. Hair very simple and off the face.
Portfolio week look #2: Brown/gold toned smokey eye. Natural lips. Hair curly.
Portfolio week look #3: Classic winged liner with bold pink lips. Hair classic beehive.
Portfolio week look #4: Gold leaf all over the lid with a black lined lip, bleeding into a bright red. Hair big and piled onto the top of the head.

Here are some inspiration pictures that helped me come up with my looks.

On the Friday of practice, all of us had a runway show in Manchester for some Manchester Met Uni Fashion students. We left school at midday and arrived at the venue, Victoria Baths, just outside the city centre. It was an amazing venue for a show, even if it was slightly cold!

Because of the location of the show, the students had decided on a silvery, 'underwater' theme for the make up. We sent them lots of images of test make up and they chose this look in the end. Here's pictures of my two models, Laura and Vicki.

I can't say I loved the look they settled on in the end, but you have to go with your client's wishes and they loved the outcome, so that's all that mattered.
I really enjoyed my first runway show and seeing how it all comes together with the hair and the outfits was lovely.

I'll leave this post with a picture of my School of Make Up girls, bar Emma who was the photographer!

Kate x

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