Thursday, 22 December 2011

.Week Eleven at the School of Make Up.

Week eleven was theme day week! Scary and exciting at the same time. Normally the week has this run down:

Monday: Shopping day for outfit
Tuesday: Showing outfit to Elaine and making any last minute changes.
Wednesday: Creating a mood board with all the ideas we came up with.
Thursday: Presenting our mood board to the class.
Friday: Theme day.

Due to our location being booked up apart from the Wednesday, we had to move some stuff around. Monday and Tuesday were the same, theme day was actually on the Wednesday and then we did the mood board on Thursday and presented on the Friday.

Our shoot took place at the Stockport Plaza Theatre, which has recently been featured on ITV1's drama 'Just Henry'. It is a fabulous theatre that has been restored, but kept all it's 1930s Art Deco interior. I thought it fitted in perfectly with our Hollywood Glamour brief and was thrilled.

The oufit I decided on was based loosely around the legendary Coco Chanel tweed two piece, with a modern twist. I suppose a lot of people immediately think about long sweeping gowns and plenty of diamonds when they think about Hollywood, but I wanted to do something slightly different. I was leaning more towards old school Hollywood, and when I think of women from forty, fifty, sixty years ago I just think they oozed class. They were very classy and strong and I feel nothing symbolises that kind of woman better than a structured suit. I chose a set from Topshop - Cobalt blue high waisted tweed shorts with velvet lining and a matching peter pan collared cropped blazer and paired it with T-Bar patent black shoes, a silk cream blouse, some lace gloves and my Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

When we showed our outfits to Elaine on Tuesday I was so worried she wouldn't get it, because most of the girls had plumped for gorgeous ball gown style dresses and fur stoles, but thankfully she loved it! She said I should get some gold chain necklaces to pull the look together and because it was quite a quirky look she thought a huge white silk bow around the neck would look amazing - how right she was. So in the afternoon we went and picked up the last bits we needed.

Wednesday came and went incredibly quickly. I had such a fabulous day and my model, actress and model Candy McCulloch was a dream. She pulled my look of amazingly well and we even got her long haired Chihuahua Sissy in on the shoot who behaved perfectly. We shot Candy in the theatre foyer, coming through a door. I will post the pictures as soon as I get them through. I've seen the untouched shots and i'm thrilled with them. All the girls did so well and we all went home on Wednesday on a high, and totally shattered.

Thursday and Friday were nice calm days making and presenting the mood boards. Home time on Friday came around and then it was onto portfolio week - eeeeeek!

Kate x


  1. when will you be putting your pics of candy up x

  2. Just when I get the retouched images back to me. I've seen the raw images, but they're copyrighted at the moment! Within the next week or two I imagine.

    Kate x